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Noka was a male Trandoshan slaver who was part of an acquisition crew working for the Xonti Brothers. He led a mission to Kashyyyk to capture Wookiees for their superiors. However, the Wookiee Black Krrsantan had set a trap for them and killed all of the hunters except for Noka. Noka was forced to take Krrsantan to the Xonti Brothers but survived to tell his story to two journalists.


Noka was the leader of an acquisition crew working for the criminal gladiator organisation ran by the Xonti Brothers. The crew of five Trandoshans travelled on their own prisoner ship and had already picked up four sentient aliens. Their next stop was Kashyyyk to capture some Wookiees. Upon arrival, one of the other slavers, Kootan expressed his interest in killing and skinning a Wookiee. Noka reminded Kootan that they needed live wookiees to take to the Xonti Brothers. Noka used a scanner to locate a Wookiee and the five of them vectored towards one's position. When they reached the wookiee, Noka and Kootan snuck up on their prey only to discover it was unconscious. Black Krrsantan shot at them, killing one of the other slavers. Kootan ordered the rest the party to fire and another hunter was gunned down as they began to respond to the threat.[1]

Krrsantan shot down another slaver, forcing Noka and Kootan to take cover behind a tree. The two realised that the unconscious Wookiee had been bait and Kootan made an attempt to kill Krrsantan, only to be knocked out by the black Wookiee. Krrsantan threw Kootan into another tree, killing him on impact. The Wookiee then stood over Noka and demanded that he take him to meet the Xonti Brothers. The slaver took Krrsantan onboard his ship and transported him to the Xonti Brothers. He made himself a drink and asked the Wookiee what would have happened if he wasn't affiliated with the Xonti Brothers. The Wookiee responded that he would have killed the slaver. Noka got Krrsantan and the other four aliens to the Xonti Brothers, where they were trained to be gladiators.[1]

Later, Noka met with Dixnet Dat and Domthro Rus and told them his story. This prompted the two journalists to want to meet the Wookiee.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"No Kootan, we need it alive. The Xonti want prime meat to train for the pits"
―Noka reminding Kootan of their job at hand[src]

Noka was a male Trandoshan with orange eyes and green skin. He cared a lot about his work as a slaver. When Kootan expressed his interest in killing and skinning a Wookiee, Noka reminded his subordinate that they needed them alive to take to their superiors, the Xonti Brothers.[1]


Noka wore red clothing with green armour on top that protected his body and upper arms. He had several ammo patches wrapped around his torso and a compartment slung around his left shoulder that carried his scanner, which he used to locate their targets. Noka wore goggles over his head with a comm attached to it above the right ear. Noka also had a large back pack which carried most of his equipment.[1]


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