"Failure's become a common thread in your life, hasn't it?"
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Nolan Gillmunn was a Human male who served as the leader of the Jabiimi resistance during the Galactic Civil War, and son of famed Clone Wars leader Orliss Gillmunn.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Nolan during the meeting with Leia Organa.

Around seven months ABY, Gillmunn invited a Rebel diplomatic team led by Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker to meet with the resistance. When the Empire became aware of the Rebels' presence, they attacked in an attempt to capture Skywalker. Gillmunn took a team and left to help Skywalker escape, but eventually they were ambushed and captured by Imperials. Just as the Imperial captain gave the word for the Jabiimi squad's execution, they were interrupted by Darth Vader's orbital bombardment. Soon after, Wedge Antilles arrived in his X-wing to finish off the remains of the Imperials. Skywalker left with the Rebels, but Gillmunn and his team stayed.

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