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"By all the gods, look at that! We blew that ship out of the air!"
That was storage tank sixteen, you idiot."
―Nomo and Zyak[src]

Lieutenant Nomo was a Human male officer who served in the Galactic Empire Starfleet as an air-traffic controller during the Galactic Civil War. Just after his graduation, he was posted to Fuel City, a sizable refueling station on the moon Sulon, during the year 5 ABY. One day, Nomo was to serve as the shift replacement for Captain Zyak, who otherwise ran Fuel City's traffic. However, when Nomo arrived, fighting broke out around the docked freighter Sulon Star. Nomo and Zyak tried to control the situation, but after several fuel storage tanks were destroyed by the starship Moldy Crow, Zyak deserted and left Nomo in charge, much to the lieutenant's distress.


"Well, Nomo, it's your shift. Sort this one out and you'll be a Captain by Monday. Fail, and you'll be working in the mines."
"Mines? What mines? Where will you go?"
"As far as I can. As far as I can.
―Captain Zyak and Lieutenant Nomo as Fuel City's fuel cells are destroyed[src]

Nomo worked in Fuel City, which briefly hosted the ship Sulon Star.

A young Human male, Nomo graduated from air-traffic control school[1] during the year 5 ABY,[2] and with the help of several connections in the Galactic Empire,[3] Nomo secured a post as a lieutenant in Fuel City, a fueling depot located on the moon Sulon whose traffic was controlled by Captain Zyak. One day, Nomo was assigned to work at the end of Zyak's shift. When Nomo arrived, Zyak was just preparing to leave when a firefight broke out inside and around the docked freighter Sulon Star. Feeling that Nomo could use some experience, Zyak decided to stay and help Nomo sort out the situation. Firstly, Zyak ordered Nomo to contact the individual in charge of the stormtroopers around the Sulon Star and tell them to cease fire, as they were in danger of disrupting any one of the fuel tanks in fuel station six. The stormtroopers' officer told Nomo that the infiltrator, a fledgling Jedi named Kyle Katarn, was to be killed at any cost. Zyak dismissed the trooper officer and ordered Nomo to contact operations and stop the fuel pumps and bleed the pipes. A technician informed Zyak of an incoming ship, the Moldy Crow. Zyak had encountered the ship earlier in the day, and had let the pilot, Jan Ors, through. Realizing that Ors had dropped Katarn off in the station, and as such was responsible for the battle that was being fought, Zyak order Ors to be shot down.[1]

Ors avoided the missile response, and fired on storage tank sixteen. The Crow was lost in the explosion, and Nomo initially believed that the ship had been successfully destroyed. Zyak pointed out that wasn't the case, and Nomo reported that the fuel pipes had been emptied seventy-percent of the way. However, a relay went down, causing a delay in operations being able to work on the fuel valves. Moments later, storage tanks thirteen, fourteen and fifteen blew one after the other, due to the fuel not having been completely emptied in time, which allowed the fuel in the pipes to act as fuses. Zyak, not wanting the blame to fall squarely on his shoulders, told Nomo that since it was his shift, he had to fix the issue. Zyak sarcastically added that if Nomo could sort the situation out, he'd become the next Captain by Monday, or else he'd be sent to work in mines. When Nomo noticed Zyak leaving, the captain informed Nomo that he was going AWOL.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Have they bled the pipes yet?"
"They're working on it—some kind of relay went down. What's so important about bleeding the...
―Zyak and Nomo, shortly before several fuel tanks exploded[src]

Nomo was a young, sallow-faced Human[1] who had used his connections within the Empire to secure a position that he wanted. Zyak was aware of this, and brought it to Nomo's attention as a thinly-veiled insult.[3] Nomo dutifully followed Zyak's orders, but was not able to tell that a storage tank had exploded, as opposed to a ship. Zyak referred to Nomo as an idiot because of that. In addition, Nomo did not know fuel station protocol. When Zyak began to leave, Nomo became visibly distressed as his face paled.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lieutenant Nomo was created by author William C. Dietz for the 1998 novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent.[1] Nomo later appeared in the full cast audio drama that adapted the book, but his voice actor was not credited.[3]



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