This article is about the Clawdite assassin. You may be looking for Lieutenant Nomo, an air-traffic controller.

Nomo Sliken was a Clawdite assassin who worked for Moska the Hutt during the height of the New Order. It was he who murdered Nak Simm, then took the Zabrak's place at a meeting that was scheduled to cement an alliance between the Hutt crime lords Torga and Jolla. Unfortunately, Nak Simm's body was discovered before the meeting could be finished, and Nomo Sliken's plans were exposed. Nomo fled from the Corusca Gem Casino in an effort to escape, using a variety of disguises to avoid being recognized. However, the beings with whom he had been meeting managed to capture him before he could escape into the crowded streets. Nomo was later imprisoned by Torga for his treachery.

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