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"- Noob! Noob!
- Raw meat on the hoof!
―Two stormtroopers to Anson Trask[src]

Anson Trask is called a noob by the other stormtroopers of Joker Squad on Yinchorr.

Newbie was a Gungan word used to describe any newcomers who entered their swamps. The word had since spread across the galaxy, describing anyone new to an area or a job as a "newbie."[1]

By the time of the Fel Empire, an unseasoned recruit of the stormtrooper corps' 407th Division was pejoratively labeled a noob by his fellow compatriots.

When Anson Trask was promoted to Joker Squad in 137 ABY, he acquired the moniker, which ironically saved him from the retribution of Darth Maleval when Trask annoyed the Sith Lord. He would outgrow the title in the eyes of his peers after he later shot and killed Maleval.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Internet culture, newb, noob, and n00b are generally derogatory slang terms for a newbie (an inexperienced newcomer) who is rude, ignorant or incompetent in an online game, forum, or other means of interaction.


Notes and referencesEdit

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