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"Yes, indeed! Look at you, you little noodle scooter!"
―Nakari Kelen congratulates Luke Skywalker on moving a noodle with the Force[2]

Noodles were a type of food which looked like an anemic grassworm. They could be served with with a variety of meat or vegetables. The Kupohan Sakhet ran a noodle stand on the planet Denon as a front for intelligence services she operated. While traveling with Nakari Kelen, the Rebel agent Luke Skywalker ate noodles several times, and on two occasions used the Force to move noodles.


"That's right, pilot, feed your partner with magic noodles!"
―Nakari Kelen tells Luke Skywalker to float a forkful of Bephorin Noodles to Drusil using the Force[2]

Noodles were a damp type of food similar in appearance to an anemic grassworm. They could be boiled and served hot with meat, including nerf nuggets and pahzik meat, and vegetables, including onions and garlic. They could also be served in broths, including vegetable broth, and garnished with salt and pepper. Noodles could be served in cartons or bowls and eaten with forks or eating sticks. It was generally known that noodles fared poorly in contests of will. When falling onto a wet surface noodles made a wet smacking sound, and could leave a damp squiggly stain. Noodles could be made using buckwheat and one type of noodles was Corellian buckwheat noodles.[2]


"Fine. Move the noodle."
"What, here?"
"Yes, here. Look at it, Luke. It is utterly lacking in strength, for it has been boiled into complete submission.
―Nakari Kelen persuades Luke Skywalker to move a noodle with the Force[2]

A member of the Pre-Mor Security Inspection team eating glowblue noodles

The Kupohan Sakhet ran a noodle bar known as Sakhet's Noodles on the planet Denon as a front for her intelligence services, although the food she served was also popular with the locals. The bar served noodle hot in flimsicard cartons with eating sticks. Dishes on the menu included buckwheat noodles with nerf nuggets and onions. Sakhet delivered hot cartons of noodles to some customers using a speeder.[2]

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance to Restore the Republic agents Luke Skywalker and Nakari Kelen visited the bar in order to make contact with Sakhet, who had information for them regarding the location of the Givin slicer Drusil Bephorin. To let the Kupohan know who they were, the Rebels ordered Corellian buckwheat noodles with rancor sauce, a combination generally considered disgusting. They were then given a receipt telling them to return the following morning, and much to their relief were served noodles with nerf nuggets instead of rancor sauce.[2]

The pair then sat down at a picnic table where they garnished their meals with salt and pepper, before Kelen prompted Skywalker to try and telekinesis move one of his noodles using the Force. Kelen began eating her noodles messily and noisily while Skywalker closed his eyes and successfully moved the noodle a short distance on the table, undulating smoothly like a snake as it moved. Skywalker then falsely accused Kelen of moving the noodle while his eyes were shut, but Kelen denied it. Skywalker then ate the rest of his noodles and came to the conclusion that they were the best noodles he had ever eaten.[2]

Sakhet met with the two Rebels the next day, and the trio traveled to Bephorin's location in the delivery speeder, using a noodle delivery as an excuse for their presence there. After successfully liberating their Givin target, the Rebels were later forced to land on Kupoh, the Kupohan homeworld, where they let themselves be known to Azzur Nessin, an associate of Sakhet's, by telling him they had enjoyed Sakhet's noodles, but in particular the nerf nuggets. Nessin let the Rebels repair their ship, the Desert Jewel, in the headquarters of his company, Nessin Courier and Cargo. While they were working on the vessel, Bephorin brought them bowls of noodles in broth with nerf nuggets, phazik meat, peanuts and vegetables including garlic, as well as a number of sauces that could be mixed in and a fork to eat with. Skywalker then moved another noodle with the Force for Bephorin.[2]

Following the completion of the mission to bring Bephorin to her family and the death of Kelen, Skywalker found himself alone eating a bowl of noodles in vegetable broth on the CR90 corvette taking him back to the Alliance Fleet. The noodles reminded him of Kelen, who he dearly missed, but Skywalker resolved not be depressed and used the Force to lift his fork, feeding himself a glob of noodles.[2]


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