"You'll be moving from the fleet to a world called Noquivzor and you will stage from there. Several other units will join you there, including Defender Wing."
Gial Ackbar, to Wedge Antilles[6]

Noquivzor was a planet located in the Colonies.


"Fey'lya arranged for this meeting to be held here, on Noquivzor. He is right at home here—these savannahs closely resemble his home range on Bothawui."
Leia Organa, to Wedge Antilles[7]

Noquivzor's landscape

Noquivzor was an aesthetically pleasing planet which consisted mainly of rolling grassland and savannas of yellow and orange. It had an arid climate, wide blue skies, and a lack of trees. It bore some similarities to the Bothan homeworld of Bothawui, but had very little in common with the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.


"He uses it for strikes against high-profile targets. Not targets that are easier than the others, nor harder, just more visible. Such as the assault on Noquivzor, designed to destroy Rogue Squadron—what a coup that would have been."
Garik Loran, about the Iron Fist[8]

New Republic Hall, on Noquivzor

Noquivzor joined the Galactic Republic prior to the Indecta Era. During the Alsakan Conflicts, it supported Alsakan.[5]

It played a vital role in the preparations for the New Republic's assaults on Borleias and later on Coruscant.

The New Republic Provisional Council met on this planet prior to the conquest of Coruscant at the behest of Councilor Borsk Fey'lya who was indulging in cheap political trickery. Rogue Squadron was officially based on the planet, but unofficially they were off scouting out Coruscant prior to the eventual conquest of the planet. The rumors were enough for Warlord Zsinj to turn up with the Iron Fist and flatten the base there as vengeance for the capture of Contruum's Pride and Vengeance Derra IV. General Edor Crespin was rumored to have been amongst the wounded in the attack. Mechanics Zraii and Koyi Komad escaped injury with the rest of Rogue Squadron's X-Wings.

After the bombardment, Admiral Ackbar and Borsk Fey'lya agreed that the conquest of Coruscant needed to be hastened so the New Republic could immediately go after Zsinj and make him pay.

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