Norg Bral was a hill-fort town on the planet Mandalore,[1] the cultural homeworld of the Mandalorian people, located in the region of the galaxy known as the Outer Rim Territories.[2] Norg Bral was home to numerous of members of the Mandalorian Bralor clan, and there was speculation that the town may have been the location where the "Bralor" clan name originated.[1] Similar to a number of other Mandalorian settlements, Norg Bral was built within a heavy fortification that contributed to the ease with which it could repel invaders.[3]

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Norg Bral was first introduced to the Star Wars universe via a mention in the fifth entry in the Legacy of the Force novel series, Sacrifice, written by author Karen Traviss and published May 29, 2007.[1] It later received a brief informational entry in the reference book, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, released the following year on December 9, 2008.[3]

The second word in the town's name, Bral, is derived from the Mandalorian language, meaning "hill-fort" in Mando'a.[4]



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