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"Will be back tomorrow. Now mind your manners."
―Norky's father[1]

The father of the child Norky was a male individual of the same species as his son. Norky's father lived with his son's mother and Norky on the Forest Moon of Endor.[1] In 3 ABY,[2] he accompanied the mother and son to deliver the latter to the Ewok Shodu Warrick in Bright Tree Village, where he would spend the day and night until his parents returned. Before he left, the father reminded Norky that he would be back the next day and to mind his manners. Indeed, he returned the day after to pick up Norky. He had brown fur, blue eyes, and beige skin, and he wore an article of brown clothing around his neck.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Norky's father appeared in "Bringing Up Norky,"[1] the nineteenth episode in the second season of the animated television series Ewoks. The episode was written by Bob Carrau and Earl Kress, and it premiered on November 22, 1986.[3]


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