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Norra Wexley (née Susser) was a female rebel pilot from the planet Akiva who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and New Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Following the Battle of Endor, she returned to Akiva to reunite with her estranged teenage son Temmin Wexley but was drawn into a mission to rescue the captured New Republic pilot Wedge Antilles. Joining forces with Temmin, his B1-series battle droid "Mister Bones," the bounty hunter Jas Emari, and the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, Norra and her makeshift rebel band sparked an uprising against the Empire on Akiva, disrupted the Imperial Future Council, and helped rescue Wedge Antilles. While attempting to apprehend the Imperial Admiral Rae Sloane, her TIE fighter was hit by burning debris from Sloane's shuttle. After recovering from her injuries, Norra, her son, and their companions joined the New Republic soldier Jom Barell in hunting down Imperial war criminals.

Later, Norra and her team undertook a mission at the request of Princess Leia Organa to rescue her husband Han Solo, who had gotten lost while trying to liberate the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. During a raid on Ashmead's Lock, Norra and her team managed to free a hundred rebel prisoners including her husband Brentin. Norra and Temmin's reunion with Brentin was soured after he and the other Ashmead's Lock prisoners were used by the Empire to attack the New Republic leadership. Following the Attack on Chandrila Norra and her team embarked on a hunt for Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, whom they believed was responsible for the attack.

Norra's pursuit brought her to the barren Inner Rim world of Jakku. After escaping Imperial captivity, she along with Jas and Mister Bones continued their hunt for Sloane. Amidst the cataclysmic Battle of Jakku, Norra caught up with her old adversary Sloane and her estranged husband Brentin. Norra put aside her hostility towards Sloane and Brentin in order to join forces to stop Gallius Rax's plot to destroy Jakku along with the Imperial and New Republic forces. During the battle, Norra managed to reconcile with her husband before his death at the hands of Rax. Following the end of the Galactic Civil War, Norra followed her son Temmin to the New Republic's new flight academy on Hosnian Prime, to become an instructor.


Joining the Rebellion[]

Norra Wexley was from the planet of Akiva and lived in the capital of Myrra. She was married to Brentin Lore Wexley, who worked with the Rebel Alliance before the Rebel Alliance even formally existed. During the Age of the Empire, Norra and Brentin raised a son named Temmin. When Brentin was arrested and taken away by a group of stormtroopers[1] to be imprisoned at Ashmead's Lock on Kashyyyk,[3] she was left to raise Temmin on her own.[1] In 1 ABY,[4] she left her twelve year old son in the care of her older sister Esmelle and joined the Rebel Alliance. She always held out hope that her journeys would help her find her husband again.[1]

Initially, her role in the Rebel Alliance was as a simple freighter pilot.[1] Her ship, the Violet,[5] ferried people, cargo, or messages across the galaxy,[1] outmaneuvering Star Destroyers and interceptors due to Wexley's excellent piloting. At one point, Wexley purchased a bag of Devaronian cherries, a rare and expensive dessert that she had saved up for. She rationed the treats for five months.[5] However, as the Alliance prepared for their assault on Endor, Commander Wedge Antilles spoke to her, requesting that she fly with them in the battle because they desperately needed her piloting skills. She reluctantly accepted and joined the makeshift Gold Squadron as Gold Nine, flying a BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber.[1] Having never flown in combat before, Wexley did not think of herself as a soldier and was nervous about the prospect of killing enemy pilots.[5]

Combat pilot[]

After the squadron's final practice run together, Lando Calrissian approached Wexley after and told her that, having been the last one to dock with Home One, she had to purchase drinks for the rest of the squadron. Antilles told Calrissian to not make her do it because she had a child, which Calrissian was surprised by and said that he would get one of the other rookies to pay instead. Later, Wexley remained in the changing rooms after everyone had left, intent on sending a message to Temmin in case she perished in the upcoming battle. However, she was unable to find the words and quickly grew frustrated. Calrissian then appeared, consoling her and inviting her to play sabacc with some of the other pilots in Home One's central atrium. There, Wexley joined Calrissian, Wes Janson, Antilles, and several others, eventually betting her remaining Devaronian cherries that she had been saving.[5]

Norra Wexley at Endor

Flying as Gold Nine in the Battle of Endor, Wexley flies into the second Death Star.

Led by Calrissian, she flew into the second Death Star, drawing the attention of many TIE fighters away from the Millennium Falcon but expecting to die in the process. Although she took a lot of fire and lost her astromech droid R5-G4, she survived the battle. She received a medal for her service that day, although she was haunted by those memories for a long time afterward.[1]

Return to Akiva[]

A difficult reunion[]

Following the Battle of Endor, Norra returned to her homeworld of Akiva with the goal of reuniting with her son Temmin, whom she had not seen for the past three years, and taking him offworld. Since Akiva was still under Imperial occupation, she hitched a ride aboard the smuggler Owerto Naiucho's freighter Moth. On the way, the Moth was attacked by several TIE fighters. Following a brief dogfight, Norra took control of the ship and managed to evade the fighters and land near Akar Road on the outskirts of Myrra, where her home was located. After escaping the Imperials, Norra acknowledged that she was indeed a rebel pilot and convinced Owerto to fly her and her son offworld.[1]

Norra's first stop was to visit her sister Esmelle and her wife Shirene. There, she learned that Temmin was no longer staying with his aunts and had moved back to their former family home. Upon returning to her home, Norra discovered that Temmin had become a junk dealer and had turned their family home into a junk shop. Despite briefly embracing, Norra found that her fifteen-year-old son still resented her for leaving him behind to find Brentin and join the Rebellion. Due to his line of work, Temmin had frequent contact with underworld elements. He had just "incapacitated" three criminals who had been sent by the Sullustan crime lord Surat Nuat to punish her son for stealing supplies from a wrecked transport. In addition, Temmin had constructed a modified B1-series battle droid named "Mister Bones" that served as his companion and bodyguard.[1]

While trying to reason with her son, Norra received a distress call from Captain Wedge Antilles, who had been captured by the Empire while observing an emergency Imperial summit over Akiva. Believing that his mother was about to embark on another mission for the Rebellion, Temmin refused to talk to her anymore and retreated into the basement, locking the door behind him. Norra managed to unlock the door to the basement by playing a note on the family's valachord, the last relic of her husband. Inside the catacombs, she found a sullen Temmin.[1]

While conversing with her son, Temmin revealed that he had mapped out the catacombs beneath Myrra over the past three years. After comforting Temmin, she told her son that she had come to take him away from Akiva. She tried to reason with Temmin by telling him that the Empire was occupying Akiva with stormtroopers and had imposed a blockade on the planet. Regarding Akiva as home and unwilling to give up his newly-found independence, Temmin refused to go with his mother. Unable to reason with her son anymore, Norra injected him with a sleeping needle and dragged him back to Owerto's freighter. This decision proved timely because Surat soon dispatched bounty hunters to hunt her son down.[1]

An unexpected detour[]

Upon arriving back at the Moth, she found that Owerto had been shot dead by marauding stormtroopers. As Norra was preparing the freighter for departure, Temmin woke up from his drug-induced sleep. She told him that they were preparing to leave Akiva. Lacking an astromech droid, Norra asked her son to act as a navigator and offered to guide him. Still unwilling to leave his droids and shops, Temmin that claimed he had a plan and then escaped the starship, only to run into a squad of stormtroopers. While angry with her son's action, Norra regretted not giving him a choice. Before the stormtroopers could corner them, Norra and her son escaped on a nearby speeder bike.[1]

Norra and Temmin fled through the streets of Myrra on the speeder bike and managed to lose their Imperial pursuers. After they had traveled a distance, Temmin handed the controls of the bike to his mother and maneuvered his way to the back. Before she could protest, Temmin told her to meet him at Aunt Esmelle's house before jumping off. With some difficulty, Norra managed to brake her speeder and pivot the vehicle back around. Norra then made her way back to Temmin's shop where she encountered one of Surat's henchmen, Toomata Wree. After shooting Tooms in the stomach, she interrogated the Abednedo and learned that Temmin had been captured by Surat.[1]

Norra drove her bala-bala speeder to the Alcazar, Surat's cantina and criminal compound, to rescue her son. Fortunately for her, Temmin was rescued by the Zabrak bounty hunter Jas Emari and the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus; the former of whom had a score to settle with Surat and had enlisted Sinjir to help her. Following a struggle, Jas and Sinjir managed to save Temmin from having his tongue cut out by Surat. Temmin's droid Mister Bones also entered the fray and killed several of Surat's enforcers and some Imperial personnel frequenting the cantina. Norra arrived just in time to pick up her son, Sinjir, and Jas.[1]

Forming a rebel band[]

After rescuing her son, Norra retreated to the home of her sister Esmelle. While conversing with Jas and Sinjir, she learned that Jas was collecting a New Republic bounty on the Imperial banker and slaver Arsin Crassus and had enlisted Sinjir's help to do so. From Emari, Norra learned that several high-ranking Imperial officials known as the Imperial Future Council were convening an emergency summit at Satrap Isstra Dirus's palace. In return, Norra informed Jas that the Empire had captured her commander Wedge. Jas tried to convince Norra to help her attack the Empire and rescue Wedge at the same time. Despite her strong sense of duty to the Republic, Norra decided to leave Akiva with her son and alert the New Republic Defense Fleet.[1]

Jas disagreed and countered that leaving Akiva would cause the New Republic to miss an opportunity to capture the Imperials and to rescue Commander Wedge. Norra's son Temmin then joined the conversation and offered to assist Jas in return for a cut of the bounty. Norra reluctantly agreed to help Jas in return for getting passage off Akiva. Shortly later, they were joined by a battered and damaged Mister Bones, who had survived the fight with Surat's men.[1]

The following morning, while gazing from the rooftop of Esmelle's home, she saw Imperial turbolaser fire striking a descending ship and witnessed an object flying from the ship. This object turned out to be Sergeant major Jom Barell, who was part of a New Republic Special Forces unit that had parachuted into Akiva. Norra then chatted with her sister about Temmin's close relationship with Mister Bones. When Norra expressed her skepticism that one could befriend a droid, Esmelle pointed out that Bones had protected Temmin from bullies and had been his long-time companion after Norra had left on her trip. When Norra insisted that she was trying to make up for the time that she had spent away from her son, Esmelle dismissed her involvement in the Rebellion as a "crusade." Norra then responded that war was coming to Akiva and disparaged her sister for her ambivalence.[1]

Upon returning to the kitchen, Norra stumbled into a heated conversation between Jas and Sinjir. Overhearing their conversation, she learned that Sinjir had been an Imperial loyalty officer during the Battle of Endor. Giving in to her hatred of the Empire, Norra attacked Sinjir but was restrained by Jas, who held a blaster to her head. The bounty hunter urged Norra to make peace with Sinjir and pointed out that he had indeed defected from the Empire. Realizing that Sinjir as an Imperial officer could access Imperial installations, Norra came up with a plan to disrupt the Imperial summit and rescue Antilles at the same time.[1]

A narrow brush with death[]

Working with Jas Emari, Sinjir, and Temmin, Norra came up with a plan to inspire a popular uprising on Akiva as a means of achieving their two main goals. While Temmin, Sinjir, and Mister Bones hijacked an Imperial communications station and uploaded a New Republic propaganda broadcast, she and Jas made their way back to her former family home. There, Emari killed several unidentified intruders who had been lying in wait for her and her son. Shortly later, Norra found two Imperial TIE fighters stabled on the rooftop of the old Karyvinhouse Plantation, the home of the pro-Imperial aristocratic family, the Karyvin clan.[1]

During a brief confrontation, Norra killed the TIE fighter pilot NK-409 with her blaster before being attacked by his comrade, who lunged at her but fell off the rooftop to his death. Norra then commandeered one of the TIE fighters and ascended into the skies. Using her stolen TIE fighter, she shot down one of the TIE fighters menacing her son and Sinjir at the top of the comm station. Mister Bones dealt with the second fighter by cannon-balling into the cockpit and taking out the pilot. Norra was soon pursued by two more TIE fighters but managed to shoot one down, causing it to collide with the second TIE.[1]

Norra then flew her TIE fighter to the Satrap's palace where the Imperial Future Council was meeting. She managed to destroy several parked Imperial shuttles but her fighter was shot down by a turbolaser emplacement. Fortunately, Norra managed to eject herself out of the craft. She then found her son and their companions at a tavern called Pok's Place; who believed she had perished aboard her TIE fighter. After comforting her son, Norra informed her comrades that TIE fighters indeed carried ejector seats. Through this experience, Temmin came to appreciate his mother more. Her son's droid Bones also expressed relief that her "existence had not been reduced to scattered atoms."[1]

Walking into a trap[]

Having transmitted their propaganda broadcast urging the people of Akiva to rise up against the Empire, the rebels then put their plan to infiltrate the Satrap's palace into action. Temmin, who was familiar with the underground catacombs beneath Myrra, agreed to guide the band there. While collecting his maps from his "hidey-hole-nook-and-cubby," Temmin secretly contacted Surat and offered to trade Norra and Sinjir, who were wanted by the Empire, in return for obtaining safe passage for him, his mother, and Mister Bones offworld. Surat accepted Temmin's offer but double-crossed the boy by negotiating another deal with Admiral Rae Sloane, who was interested in Norra.[1]

While waiting for her son to fetch the maps, Norra conversed with Sinjir, who admitted that he had committed morally reprehensible acts while serving the Empire. After Sinjir recounted the story of his encounter with the Gunnery Officer Rilo Tang, he reiterated that he was neither for the Empire or the Rebellion but was only looking out for himself. Norra and Sinjir concurred that they could not trust him. Shortly later, Temmin returned with a flimsiplast map and recounted the dangers of traveling through the underground caverns. When her son expressed her skepticism about the New Republic's promises, Norra urged her cynical son to believe in hope. Before leaving, Sinjir helped Temmin to open the box containing the mysterious cargo he had earlier stolen from Surat. Surat's cargo turned out to be a box of data cube.[1]

As they traveled through the catacombs, Norra and her companions stumbled upon an old battlefield that was still littered with the remains of fallen Jedi, battle droids, and weapons. During the journey, Norra took the opportunity to ask her son whether he trusted Sinjir. When Temmin asked her why she trusted the bounty hunter Jas over the former Imperial office, Norra responded that a bounty hunter lived by a certain code. Temmin also took the opportunity to apologize to his mother for his hostile behavior towards her earlier. When Temmin admitted that he lacked her passion for the New Republic, she reassured him that he was still a kid and had more than enough to worry about. After embracing each other, they were rejoined by Jas and Sinjir, who had finally caught up with them.[1]

Norra's party eventually stumbled upon a wrecked former Separatist droid factory where they were attacked by several Uugteen, primitive near-human creatures that inhabited the labyrinths beneath Myrra. The rebels managed to escape after Temmin ignited a box of detonators. After escaping the Uugteen, Temmin led the team through the old Banking Clan building which brought them to the entrance of the satrap's palace. Shortly after arriving, the party was captured by Admiral Sloane and a contingent of stormtroopers, who took them into custody. Inside the palace, Temmin revealed his secret deal with Surat. However, Surat double-crossed the boy by allowing Sloane to arrest Norra. When Temmin protested, Rae ordered him to leave but he refused and attempted to call Mister Bones for help. However, Sloane destroyed the droid and ordered her stormtroopers to throw Temmin off the palace's rooftop.[1]

Uprising on Akiva[]

As a mob of Akivans besieged Satrap Isstra's palace, Admiral Sloane ordered her men to take Norra, Sinjir, and Jas Emai aboard the Imperial slaver Crassus' yacht Golden Harp. She also witnessed her commander Captain Wedge Antilles being wheeled aboard a hovering table onto the yacht. Wedge managed to flash a weak smile as he was led into a separate compartment. When Norra asked Sinjir what the Imperials would do with them, he replied that the Empire might exchange her as part of a peace settlement. When Jas commented that her son's "betrayal" had not been her fault, Sinjir responded that Temmin was her son. Despite Temmin's misguided actions, she still hoped that her son would be safe. Jas supported her by pointing out that Temmin was a survivor.[1]

Admiral Sloane planned to take the Golden Harp to the Imperial Star Destroyer Vigilance. However, a New Republic fleet emerged from hyperspace and attacked the Imperial fleet. The Golden Harp was soon hit by enemy fire. In the midst of the fighting, Temmin managed to infiltrate the yacht and used a maintenance hatch to reach the chamber where Norra, Sinjir, and Jas were being held. Meanwhile, Norra watched as Sinjir and Jas struggled with one of their captors, Grand Moff Valco Pandion. This scuffle ended with Jas holding Pandion at gunpoint. Amidst the scuffle, Temmin managed to free Norra and Emari from their restraints. Before a fight could break out between Jas and the stormtroopers, the yacht crash-landed on the hangar bay of the Vigilance.[1]

Norra, her son, Sinjir, and Jas managed to survive the crash but Crassus, and most of the stormtroopers aboard the yacht were killed. Jas also managed to secure General Jylia Shale and the Imperial advisor Yupe Tashu. However, Admiral Sloane managed to escape on a Lambda-class shuttle. With the Inflictor under attack from the New Republic fleet, Norra instructed the others to evacuate Wedge and the Imperials onto a shuttle. Despite Temmin's pleas, she stole a TIE fighter and took it into the battle to chase down Sloane's shuttle. Meanwhile, Pandion managed to infiltrate Sloane's shuttle but the Admiral overpowered him and jettisoned him with the main body before fleeing into hyperspace in the cockpit section. The shuttle's wreckage collided with Norra's TIE fighter, knocking her unconscious.[1]

Balancing family and duty[]


Following the Battle of Akiva, Norra was rescued from her wrecked TIE fighter by New Republic forces and taken to Hanna City on Chandrila for medical treatment. There, she was reunited with her son Temmin, who hugged her. A few days later, she was visited by Admiral Gial Ackbar and Captain Antilles, who presented her with a second medal for her service on Akiva. After recovering, Norra returned to her homeworld of Akiva, which had since joined the New Republic. Due to their shared adventures, Temmin came to appreciate his mother's sacrifices more and reconciled with her.[1]

As a gesture of reconciliation, Norra and her son undertook a "family project" to repair Mister Bones, using spare parts from Esmelle and Shirene's basement. Temmin informed her that Surat's stolen data cubes had enabled the New Republic to crack down on his crime syndicate and uncover the Empire's dealings with the Hutts and other crime syndicates across the galaxy. Both also resolved to continue their search for Brentin. Later, Norra, Temmin, Bones, Sinjir, and Jas Emari joined forces with Sergeant Jom Barell to hunt down Imperial fugitives across the galaxy.[1]

Hunting Perwin Gedde[]

Norra Wexley WotG

Wexley in service to the New Republic

In the months following the events on Akiva, Norra, her son, and her team managed to capture six Imperial fugitives including Commandant Stradd, Prefect Kosh, Moffs Keong and Nyall, Vice General Adambo and the former Imperial Security Bureau minister Venn Eowelt.[3] In 5 ABY,[6] Norra's team traveled to the Vorlaggn crime lord Slussen Clanker's palace on the planet Vorlag to capture the former Imperial Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde. While Temmin and Mister Bones stayed aboard Emari's ship Halo to act as get-away crew, Norra and her team ventured inside the palace. There, they were captured by Slussen's guards. Without warning Norra, Emari pretended to turn on her comrades and sold them out to pay her debts.[3]

Norra and her team were locked into cages that were surrounded by several avian Hroth-beasts. Sinjir managed to free the team from their cages using a key that Jas had attached to the neck of one of the beasts. Following a brief struggle, they managed to escape the dungeon by throwing rotten meat at the guards, who were then attacked by the Hroth-beasts. Norra and her team then climbed through a lava tube that led into Gedde's room. There, they found that Jas had already disarmed Gedde, who had been drugged with spice. Temmin then picked up Norra's team and the fugitive and they fled into the skies.[3]

The Halo was pursued by two TIE fighters but Temmin managed to shoot them down in space. While in space, Norra and the other team members confronted Jas Emari over her plan to "triple-cross" them. Jas responded that she was in dire financial straits and that somebody had posted a bounty on her head. She explained that she "triple-crossed" them in order to collect two payments to pay off her debts. Norra was angry that Jas had not discussed this plan with her and was even more peeved that her own son Temmin had been privy to Emari's plans. The heated exchange ended when Jas and another team member Jom Barell embraced each other.[3]

After returning to the New Republic capital Chandrila, Norra had a private talk with Temmin. She told her son that he needed to trust her. Knowing that Temmin shared her stubborn and rebellious streak, Norra counseled her son to be good with himself and to remember that he belonged to a team. Hugging him, Norra reassured Temmin that he did not have to be a bounty hunter or a soldier. She told Temmin to be himself and not to worry what the galaxy thought he should be. After Temmin joked about being a rich droid manufacturer, lounge singer, and a Jedi, Norra instructed her son to fly the Halo to Hanna City Spaceport and to take Mister Bones with him.[3]

Norra's hunting mission was soured by the news that Vice-Admiral Gedde had died in transit. She, Jom, Jas, and Captain Wedge Antilles examined Gedde's corpse in the main hold of the Halo. While Barell though that the spice-addicted Gedde had succumbed to a drug overdose, Wedge insisted on taking the body to Doctor Slikartha for a post-mortem. Jas examined the body and pointed out that Gedde had been murdered by citing the scent of Kytrogorgia from his mouth. Outside the ship, Norra assured Wedge that neither she nor her crew had anything to do with Gedde's death since their mission was to bring live prisoners to the New Republic. Wedge then informed Norra that Princess Leia Organa, a key rebel leader, wanted an audience with her.[3]

Princess Leia's plea[]

Norra traveled to Princess Leia's quarters where the Princess pleaded with the Lieutenant to rescue her husband Han Solo. Han and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca had embarked on an ill-fated mission to liberate Kashyyyk from Imperial occupation. However, they had stumbled into an Imperial trap and Chewbacca had been captured. Solo had spent the past few months searching for a way to rescue his Wookiee friend. Leia told Norra that her husband's last known coordinates were in the Outer Rim at the edge of Wild Space. Out of respect for the rebel leader, Norra agreed to travel to those coordinates. In addition, Leia also informed Norra that she was pregnant with Solo's child.[3]

Later, Norra and her team met for a meeting aboard the Halo. Norra instructed her son to past a "Most Wanted" card of the late Gedde onto a board listing other Imperial bounties they had captured. Norra informed the group that Gedde had succumbed to a poison hidden in his spice. Jas suspected that the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift was responsible due to his love for poisons. In response to a question posed by Jom, Norra responded that she was unsure whether the Empire had engineered his death. However, Temmin opined that Gedde had abandoned the Empire and that his former colleagues killed him to prevent him from divulging their secrets.[3]

When Jas and Jom argued about working for credits and the New Republic, Norra intervened and remind them that they were there to discuss their next mission to rescue a mission person. Due to Jas' careful observations of current affairs, she guessed that their next mission was to rescue the missing Han Solo. When Norra accused her of bugging her communications, she denied bugging her quarters. Jas also upstaged Norra by revealing that Princess Leia had solicited the latter's services. Returning to their agenda, Norra informed the team that Solo's last coordinates were in a region in the Outer Rim near Wild Space. While Sinjir and Jas volunteered to question Imperial prisoners and underworld contacts respectively, Norra traveled on her freighter Moth with Captain Antilles to Solo's last known coordinates.[3]

Traveling to the coordinates provided by Princess Leia, Norra and Wedge discovered a debris field. While they found no sign of Solo's ship the Millennium Falcon, Wedge encountered a Prowler probe droid. Norra managed to shoot the droid but was unable to prevent it from sending a transmission to the Imperial Star Destroyer Scythe, which dispatched several TIE fighters to destroy them. Norra and Wedge tried to flee but the TIEs managed to disable their hyperdrive. Before the Imperials could finish them off, the New Republic escort frigate Sunspire and the Starhawk-class battleship Concord exited hyperspace and attacked the Imperial forces.[3]

The Concord's commander Commodore Kyrsta Agate ordered the Norra and Wedge to come on board while her ship engaged the Scythe. Once aboard, Commodore Agate reprimanded Norra for embarking on an unsanctioned mission and warned her about the danger of becoming an unrepentant killer. Wedge also explained that Solo's decision to resign his commission as General complicated their mission. While inspecting the Starhawk's bright, clean interiors, Captain Antilles informed Norra that Admiral Ackbar was going to speak to her about the unsanctioned mission once they had returned to Chandrila.[3]

Teaming up with Han Solo[]

After returning to Chandrila, Norra and her team met with Admiral Ackbar, Captain Antilles, and Princess Leia in the Skygarden above Hanna City's Polis District. When Jom suggested letting Han Solo take care of himself, Norra responded that they owed their gratitude to Princess Leia and Solo for destroying the second Death Star. Admiral Ackbar and Princess Leia reassured Norra that she was not in trouble. However, the Admiral ordered Norra and her team to abandon their search for Solo and to resume their hunt for Imperial fugitives. Norra found the courage to disagree with her commanding officer and decided to resign her commission in the New Republic Starfleet. Norra then led Temmin, Mister Bones, Sinjir, and Jas Emari on the mission to rescue Han Solo.[3]

Using the information that Sinjir had obtained about the Siniteen prison architect Golas Aram, Norra and her companions traveled to the planet Irudiru; where Aram resided in a compound. While scouting the site, Norra and her team found that Aram's compound was well-defended by ghosted lasers, land mines, turret-droids, and carnivorous thirstgrass. During their reconnaissance mission, they encountered Han Solo. Norra and her team met with Solo at a nearby cantina. After Norra told Solo that Leia had sent her and her team, Han told them about his friendship with Chewbacca.[3]

After traveling through the galaxy and interrogating Imperial officers, Solo learned that Chewbacca had been sent to a prison on the far side of Kashyyyk called Ashmead's Lock. Solo wanted to question Aram since he had helped design the prison. Following a brief misunderstanding with her son's droid Mister Bones, Norra's team and Solo joined forces to breach Aram's compound. Working together, they managed to breach his security systems. During the assault, they were also joined by Jom Barell, who had decided to join the mission as well. Aram tried to flee on a small solar shuttle but Norra captured him. After Sinjir interrogated Aram for information on Ashmead's Lock, Norra's team and Solo traveled to the Kashyyyk system in Emari's gunship Halo and Solo's Millennium Falcon.[3]

Reuniting with Brentin[]

Norra's team and Han Solo managed to slip through the Imperial blockade above Kashyyyk by posing as a repair crew being sent to repair Ashmead's Lock. After landing their ships, the rebels entered Ashmead's Lock only to be confronted by the prison's automated security system SOL-GDA, which demanded that they supply the password. Unable to provide the password, Norra and her team were attacked by several droids.[3]

Norra managed to blast one of the droids and helped Jom to subdue a second droid. During the struggle, one of the droids injected her with a chemical that caused her body to grow limp and to lose control of her limbs. The security droids then carried Norra and Sinjir into the stasis pods where a hundred inmates were being held. While passing through one of the pods, Norra saw her husband Brentin inside one of those cells. Before she could be incorporated into her cell, Norra managed to crawl out of the chamber. She struggled with another security droid and pushed it over the railing. Before SOL-GDA could subdue her, Solo and Jas managed to disable the cable connecting the stasis chambers to SOL-GDA's computer system; freeing the prisoners.[3]

Due to the fall, Norra sustained several broken ribs and was tended to by Jas. Norra's crew and Han proceeded to free the other prisoners including Chewbacca and Brentin. After an emotional family reunion, Norra, Temmin, Bones, and the liberated prisoners with the exception of Chewbacca boarded the Millennium Falcon. She and her son decided not to accompany Solo and the others on their campaign to liberate Kashyyyk because they wanted to spend time as a family together. Norra regarded Solo and Chewie's campaign as a suicide mission.[3]

Norra and Temmin flew the Falcon to Hanna City on Chandrila. While approaching Chandrila, Brentin reunited with his family and likened his experience to waking up from a deep sleep. He praised Norra and her son for becoming pilots and joining the Rebellion. Upon landing on Chandrila, Norra and her team were greeted by a large crowd including Chancellor Mon Mothma, Captain Antilles, and Princess Leia. Norra informed Leia that Han and Chewie safe but had still not returned from Kashyyyk.[3]

False dawn[]

A month after the events at Ashead's Lock, Norra found work as a shuttle pilot at the Galactic Senate. She and her family had found a home in Hanna City. Her husband Brentin was still undergoing psychological treatment for his experiences at Ashemad's Lock. The Senate had also organized a public celebration to showcase the liberated Ashmead's Lock prisoners. In addition, the Senate had agreed to peace talks with Grand Admiral Sloane, the leader of the Empire and an old foe of Norra and her team. While servicing a shuttle, she met up with Wedge and talked about the upcoming events.[3]

In addition, Norra talked about her increasingly strained relationship with her son Temmin. Temmin had been upset about Brentin's diminished psychological state. When Wedge held her hands, Norra expressed discomfort because she was already married. After Antilles apologized, they resumed their topic of Temmin. Since Temmin had missed out on several starfighter lessons, he had been removed from the starfighter reserve for Liberation Day. Despite her strained relationship with Temmin, Norra still agreed to raise the matter with her son.[3]

When Norra returned to her family home, she found Temmin having dinner. When she asked her son where Brentin was, Temmin rudely told her that his father had gone on one of his customary long walks. When Temmin remarked that Brentin wanted to get away from her, Norra warned her son to watch his attitude and told him that things would get tougher before they got easier. When Norra remarked that Brentin was strange due to exposure to chemicals and harsh imprisonment at Ashmead's Lock, Temmin responded that she had been "strange" with him. After dinner, Temmin announced that he was going for a walk. When Norra warned her son that he had been missing classes, Temmin expressed disinterest in the Liberation Day celebrations.[3]

Unknown to Norra and Temmin, Brentin was still under the control of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, the shadow leader of the Galactic Empire. Rax had inserted inorganic biochip implants into the heads of Brentin and the other Ashmead's Lock prisoners as part of a contingency plan to assassinate the New Republic leadership. Rax's local agent Windom Traducier, a disillusioned Senate Guard, had set up a transponder above Hanna City opera house. This was used as a relay station to transmit Rax's orders to the prisoners. Brentin's regular walking excursions gave Windom the opportunity to arm him with a concealed blaster and to brief him and the other prisoners about the upcoming attack on Chandrila.[3]

On the eve of Liberation Day, Temmin disappeared while following his father Brentin on an evening walk. Temmin encountered Windom briefing Brentin. Under Traducier's orders, Brentin stunned his son and locked him inside a crate. Temmin spent the night inside the crate until Mister Bones managed to rescue him the following day. On the morning of Liberation Day, Norra spent time with her husband. When she asked where Temmin was, Brentin claimed ignorance. Brentin observed how his son had grown and regretted missing him. After helping her husband dress into his Liberation Day outfit, the two shared a romantic kiss. As the wife of a former Ashmead's Lock prisoner, Norra had been invited to take part in the celebrations.[3]

Attack on Chandrila[]

On Liberation Day, Norra and her husband Brentin gathered with the other former Ashmead's Lock prisoners at the Senate Plaza outside the Old Gather-House. Following the parades, thousands of spectators gathered in the vicinity to watch Chancellor Mothma and other New Republic officials greet the former prisoners. Chancellor Mothma had planned to give a speech that would be broadcast live on HoloNet to audiences all over the galaxy in an effort to convince more worlds to join the fledgling government.[3]

While Mothma opened her speech, Norra caught sight of Temmin and Mister Bones remonstrating with several Senate Guards. Before she could turn to talk to Brentin, her husband raised his hand upward and fired a pistol at Chancellor Mothma. Before Brentin could finish off the Chancellor, Norra jerked is hand and kneed him in the stomach. Brentin then attacked her with the pistol, knocking her to the ground before turning to flee. The other Ashmead's Lock prisoners also began attacking New Republic officials and military officers.[3]

Norra managed to incapacitate the prisoner Jonda Jae-Talwar. She then knocked out the Rodian prisoner Esdo before he could kill Commodore Kyrsta Agate. After seeing the Adviser Auxi Kray Korbin attending to the wounded Chancellor Mothma, Norra went to find her husband. After fighting her way through the crowd, she saw Brentin on the far right of the plaza making his way to the nearby landing platforms.[3]

However, Norra became lost in the maze-like Old Gather-House. She then ran into an old foe, Grand Admiral Sloane. Sloane had been invited by Chancellor Mothma to witness the Liberation Day celebrations as a gesture of peace. The two got into a fight and Norra managed to wrestle Sloane's blaster out of her hand. However, Sloane was a capable fighter and managed to throw Norra into a wall. Before Sloane could kill Norra, several armed Senate Guards rushed into the room. Sloane turned to flee to a sky bridge leading to the landing platform. Norra grabbed her blaster and managed to shoot Sloane in the back. However, Sloane managed to escape by jumping over the sky bridge and landing on another platform. She then fled into space aboard a stolen freighter.[3]

Pursuing Rae Sloane[]

Following the trail[]

Norra, her son Temmin, and Mister Bones survived the attack on Chandrila. While Chancellor Mon Mothma and Commodore Agate survived due to Norra's bravery, several New Republic officials including General Crix Madine and Adviser Hostis Ij were rumored to have died. The attack on Chandrila was a public relations disaster that demoralized the New Republic public and discouraged several worlds from joining the new government. While Norra was awarded a medal for saving the Chancellor's life, she turned it down because she was troubled by the fact that her own husband had become an unwilling Imperial drone.[3]

After learning that Grand Admiral Sloane had escaped offworld, Norra gathered her son, Mister Bones, and her friends Sinjir and Jas Emari for a mission to hunt down and capture Grand Admiral Sloane. She mistakenly believed that Sloane was the mastermind behind the attack on Chandrila. Norra and her team receive the personal and financial backing of Princess Leia, who was grateful for her role in bringing Han and Chewie back safely. Unknown to Norra and her team, Sloane had teamed up with Brentin to hunt down the real perpetrator: Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax; who had ordered the remaining Imperial fleets to mass for a standoff on the barren Western Reaches world of Jakku.[3]

For several months, Norra Wexley and her team traveled the galaxy searching for Rae Sloane, visiting several worlds, including Kashyyyk, Ord Mantell, and Corellia. After learning that the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift had worked for Sloane in the past, Norra and her team orchestrated a plan to trap Swift on Taris. With the help of Jas, they set up a false sting involving Vazeen Mordraw, a wilder girl who had stolen a caseload of ID cards from the Gindar Gang. While Temmin and Mister Bones waited in orbit aboard the Moth, Norra and her team captured and interrogated Swift. From Swift, they learned that Sloane had traveled to the planet Jakku to investigate the identity of Fleet Admiral Rax. Swift also revealed that a man had been traveling with Sloane.[7]

While Jas suggested bringing Swift back to Chandrila for interrogation, Norra was determined to travel to Jakku and find Grand Admiral Sloane. When Jas opined that they should kill Swift, Norra chose to spare his life and instead knocked him unconscious with one of his batons. Norra's decision to spare Swift would have repercussions since Swift desired revenge against Jas and would follow them to Jakku to collect the bounty on her head. Norra later contacted Princess Leia Organa to bring her news that Sloane was on Jakku. Princess Leia urged Norra to come home so that they could report the matter to Chancellor Mothma. However, Norra was determined to hunt down and capture Sloane.[7]

Journey to Jakku[]

During the journey to Jakku, Norra had to contend with a sullen Temmin, who complained that he and Mister Bones had been left behind during their trip to Jakku. Norra responded that she needed someone to stay with the ship and make sure that it was travel-worthy. When Temmin countered that Bones could do it, she made it clear that her decision was final. After the two had engaged the Moth's navigation and hyperdrive systems, mother and son continued their argument. Norra emphasized that they were looking for Sloane and not Brentin. When Temmin recounted seeing Brentin under the influence of a control bio-chip, Norra told her son that she could not afford to lose him. Before they could continue the conversation, the Moth exited hyperspace in the Jakku system.[7]

Norra and Temmin soon discovered a large Imperial fleet massing in the Jakku system. In fact, these were the Imperial remnants that Gallius Rax, the self-proclaimed Counselor to the Empire, had brought to Jakku for his planned showdown with the New Republic. Norra instructed her son to prepare the ship to jump into hyperspace within two minutes. Intending to continue her quest to find Sloane, Norra headed into an escape pod. Jas tried to stop her but Norra was determined to hunt down Sloane. Jas ultimately chose to accompany Norra down in the escape pod to Jakku. After Temmin realized that his mother had left in an escape pod, he dispatched Mister Bones after her to protect his mother. Temmin and Sinjir then escaped to Chandrila bringing news that the Empire had fled to Jakku.[7]

Imperial captivity[]

After landing on Jakku, Norra and Jas pilfered the escape pod for medical supplies, blasters, and rations. While traveling through the sand dunes of Jakku under nightfall, the two women were ambushed by two masked aliens, who overpowered them. The two aliens were then killed by a stormtrooper patrol, who took Norra and Jas into Imperial custody. Since Jas had a bounty on her head, she was taken to Niima the Hutt's palace. Facing the choice between death and work, Norra chose to work since she was determined not to let Sloane escape justice. Norra was sent to a kesium gas rig deep in the deserts of Jakku.[7]

For about a week, Norra toiled as a slave at the kesium gas rig along with six other prisoners. The gas rig was run by an Imperial officer named Effney. Norra and the other prisoners were locked in cages at night and given starvation rations including protein mush, bread, gruel, and a packet of goop. Due to the harsh scorching heat and her starvation rations, Norra began to succumb to mirages of Sinjir, her son Temmin, and Wedge Antilles. One night, a stormtrooper sentry brought Mister Bones, who had been captured in the steppe. When Norra claimed that Mister Bones was her droid, a sadistic Effney disintegrated Mr. Bones with his blaster in an effort to break and humiliate her.[7]

Despite Mister Bones' disintegration, Temmin had installed an Autonomic repair mode program which enabled Mister Bones' parts to reattach and repair himself. Norra was awoken by the sound of Mister Bones fighting and killing the stormtrooper sentries. Norra watched as the droid exacted his revenge on Effney by ripping him from limb to limb. Norra thanked Mister Bones for rescuing her and told the droid they had to leave or they would both be dead. After freeing the other prisoners, Norra and Mister Bones stole a speeder bike.[7]

Three is company[]

While traveling through the desert, Norra saw a Corellian shuttle flying past. She heard the pilot crying out to her. After the shuttle landed, Norra learned that the pilot was her friend Jas Emari, who had managed to escape Niima's palace. While feasting on rations, Jas told Norra about her encounter with Niima, Mercurial Swift, and stealing Swift's ship. When Norra queried about Jas' broken horns, the Devaronian reassured her that her horns would grow back. Since Norra's stolen shuttle had Imperial clearance codes, she proposed that they leave Jakku. Due to her trials, Norra initially agreed to return to Chandrila and warn the New Republic.[7]

However, she changed her mind when Jas informed her that she had witnessed Sloane traveling with Niima's convoy to the Valley of the Eremite, which was the site of a mysterious Imperial facility. After some discussion, the two women decided to continue their hunt for Sloane. As a bounty hunter, Jas wanted to collect the bounty on Sloane's head while Sloane desired justice and vengeance against the woman she believed had harmed her family. Before leaving, they endured a hug by Mister Bones, whom Norra credited for finding her.[7]

Jas and Norra flew their shuttle over the canyons and caverns bordering the Plaintive Hand plateau. While surveying the landscape with her quadnocs, Norra saw that Niima's caravan had been attacked. She saw Niima and her surviving slaves on the western plateau. Norra also found Sloane and another man hiding on the eastern wall of the plateau. Beyond the plateau, Norra's quadnocs picked up a mysterious facility that was equipped with ground-to-air turbolasers, which had been used by Counselor Rax to bombard Niima's caravan. After some discussion, Norra and Jas decided to fly down to the eastern side of the plateau and capture Sloane. They decided to delay exploring the mysterious facility that lay in the Valley of the Eremite.[7]

Privately, Norra had no intention of taking Sloane alive. She intended to kill the Grand Admiral. As they approached the eastern pillar, Norra saw that the man accompanying Sloane was her husband Brentin. Stricken by shock, Norra lost her grip on the shuttle's piston and dropped her quadnocs. Only Mister Bones' intervention saved her from falling off the shuttle. Before they could approach Sloane and Brentin, Jas pulled the shuttle hard to the left. Jas had sighted the arrival of three Imperial shuttles and had retreated since they lacked the firepower to match the Imperial forces. Jas reassured a distraught Norra that they had to get out of here fast.[7]

After retreating, Jas and Norra set up camp in the valley below the plateau. Norra spent the night wailing and raging at her missed opportunity to kill Sloane. She was also distraught that she had seen her husband Brentin being taken away again. That morning, they encountered Niima, who had survived her confrontation with Gallius Rax. Jas and Norra agreed to take the wounded Niima back to her temple in return for getting access to the clearance codes to the Imperial base in the Sinking Fields. Niima wanted revenge against Rax for attacking her convoy and wounding her.[7]

Into the thick of battle[]

Niima outfitted Norra and Jas with an old Imperial shuttle, a pair of old Imperial uniforms, and a set of high ranking codes to reach the Imperial base. Before leaving for their mission, Jas and Norra talked about the likelihood of heading into a dragon's den amidst the Battle of Jakku. By that stage, the New Republic's military forces had entered the planet Jakku and a great battle had broken out between Rax's Imperial remnant and the New Republic. Before they could leave, they were confronted by Mercurial Swift and a group of bounty hunters including Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta, who had come to collect a bounty on Jas Emari. Jas told Norra and Mister Bones to proceed with their mission while she dealt with the bounty hunters.[7]

Norra and Mister Bones flew their shuttle into a thick air battle between New Republic and Imperial fighters. Their flight coincided with New Republic forces landing commandos to assault the Imperial ground positions. Norra also found her shuttle being pursued by a T-65C-A2 X-wing starfighter piloted by her son Temmin, who had joined Wedge Antille's Phantom Squadron. Mister Bones managed to save Norra's shuttle from being shut down by lowering the ramp and signaling to Temmin. Mister Bones used his inbuilt speaker to establish communication between Norra and her son.[7]

Norra told her son that she was heading to the Imperial base in the Sinking Fields to capture Norra. When Temmin offered to come with his mother, Norra advised her son to stay with Wedge because the base was well-defended by turbolasers and other weapons. Norra also wanted to avoid arousing the base's suspicions. She also promised that they would reunite and be a family again. Since Gallius Rax had already left the base with his "elect" for the Jakku Observatory, Norra managed to land at the base with no hassle. By that stage, there were only a few droids and officers inside the Imperial base.[7]

Disguised as an Imperial prison warden, Norra cornered both Sloane and Brentin, who had managed to free themselves from their restraints. Brentin tried to reconcile with his wife but Norra still distrusted him and demanded to know why he was traveling with an Imperial enemy. When Mister Bones grabbed Brentin's arm, Norra was forced to order the droid to desist. Brentin told Norra that he was not with the Empire and that he had not meant to do those things. Sloane vouched for Brentin but Norra told them to shut up and announced her plan to take them back to Chandrila.[7]

Sloane managed to convince Norra that their true enemy was Gallius Rax, the man who had put the chip into Brentin's head, instigated the Attack on Chandrila, and taken charge of the Empire. Sloane told Norra that there was a secret Imperial facility in the Valley of the Eremite known as the Jakku Observatory. She convinced Norra to help her stop Rax. After some contemplation, Norra agreed to help her nominal enemy Sloane and estranged husband Brentin stop Rax. However, she warned them that Mister Bones would break every bone in their bodies if they tried to deceive her.[7]

Unlikely allies[]

Norra, Bones, Sloane, and Brentin traveled on their Imperial shuttle to the Jakku Observatory. After some arguing, Norra reluctantly allowed Sloane, who was a trained pilot, to fly their shuttle. During their journey, Norra and her companions witnessed the Super Star Destroyer Ravager crashing into Jakku's surface; a pivotal event that turned the tide of the Battle of Jakku and the Galactic Civil War in the New Republic's favor. After Bones sensed that Temmin was nearby, Norra allowed him to disembark from the shuttle to find her son and Bones' master.[7]

With Sloane's help, Norra and Brentin managed to enter the Jakku Observatory, a secret Imperial storehouse which contained holographic maps of the Unknown Regions and a deep borehole which led to Jakku's core. As part of a secret plan known as the Contingency, Gallius Rax planned to detonate the planet along with the Imperial remnants and the New Republic fleet. This was part of Palpatine's posthumous Contingency plan to ensure that the Empire did not outlive his death. Rax then planned to take himself and an elect group of Imperials into the Unknown Regions to rebuild the Empire. Rax activated the planet's self-destruction by hurling the Imperial adviser Yupe Tashu and several Sith relics down Jakku's borehole.[7]

As Norra and her companions entered the Observatory, the ground began to shudder from the quakes that Rax had unleashed. When Brentin supported her, she pulled away from his grip and told her husband that she still did not trust him. After learning what Rax had done, Norra and Brentin agreed to try and activate the telescoping vents to close the shaft. When Sloane announced that she was going to confront Rax, Norra initially objected but relented. Still distrusting Sloane, she did not give the Grand Admiral her pistol. After Sloane had left, Norra told Brentin to redeem himself by sealing the shaft in order to save their son and to serve the New Republic he had once fought to build.[7]

While Brentin frantically used his slicing skills to seal the vent, he told Norra they should have lent Sloane the pistol. Norra still distrusted Brentin since she was not sure whether he was still under the control of Rax's micro-chip. Brentin reassured her that he was himself. When Norra demanded to know why Brentin was working with an Imperial, Brentin responded that Sloane was no longer with the Empire and that he was working with her to redeem himself. When Brentin pointed out that there was a greater evil out there, Norra countered that they should let her fight it by herself.[7]

After Rax gained the upper hand over Sloane and proceeded to break several of her fingers, Norra relented and went to assist her nominal enemy. She was ambushed by Rax, who managed to grab her blaster. Before Rax could kill her, Brentin entered the fray and threw Rax to the ground. During the fight, Rax managed to mortally wound Brentin with the blaster. After a struggle, Norra managed to wound Rax by shooting him in the shoulder. While Norra tended to her mortally wounded husband, she managed to pass her blaster to Sloane. Sloane pursued Rax and killed him, ending the Counselor's short-lived reign and his plans to destroy Jakku.[7]

After mourning her husband's passage, Norra found Rax's corpse and Sloane in the control room. Norra told Sloane about the death of her husband. While Sloane stayed behind to seal the borehole, the two former foes chatted. When Norra told Sloane of her desire to go find her son and rebuild her life, Sloane told her that she was lucky because she did not have a spouse or child. Norra also reassured Sloane that she was not going to kill him because she had realized that Brentin was right that she was not as bad as she thought. While Sloane labored to seal the borehole, Norra returned to her ship with her fallen husband. However, she was unable to restart the engines. Fortunately, she was picked up by her friend Jas, who had won over the bounty hunters Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta.[7]

A new dawn[]

Following the Battle of Jakku, Norra reunited with her son Temmin, who had also lost his companion Mister Bones during the battle. The Battle of Jakku ended the Galactic Civil War decisively in the New Republic's favor. Grand Vizier Mas Amedda signed the Galactic Concordance with Chancellor Mon Mothma, formally ending hostilities and facilitating the Empire's surrender. While the New Republic consolidated its authority over the galaxy, Norra and her son returned to Akiva where they buried Brentin and Mister Bones' arm in a salt marsh. The funeral was attended by Norra's family including her sister Esmelle and sister-in-law Shirene. During the funeral, Norra fell to the group weeping while Temmin supported her. After spending a few days with her sisters, they returned to Chandrila, which had become their new home.[7]

Several weeks later, Norra and her old crew gathered at a tavern on Chandrila to toast their fallen comrades. During the dinner, Norra and her friends exchanged jokes about Princess Leia and Han Solo's newborn son Ben Solo. Norra also gave a playful joke about her son smelling like clean towels. Norra and Temmin also informed their fellow guests that they would be leaving to join the New Republic's new flight academy on Hosnian Prime. Temmin planned to continue his training as a pilot there while Norra had secured a teaching job there with the help of Wedge, who had become the academy's head instructor. Following the dinner, Norra and Temmin decided to spend the night hanging out together in order to make up for the years of separation when she had left him behind on Akiva to join the Rebellion.[7]


"We've been here as always. There's not much change in the Outer Rim."
―Norra, to Temmin[2]

In due course, Norra settled back on Myrra with her new husband Wedge Antilles, where they lived in a comfortable home while taking care of their garden and keedees. Eventually, they were visited by Temmin and his wife Karé Kun, who informed them of the massive losses the Resistance had suffered and how the First Order was tightening its grip on the galaxy. This news shocked Wedge and Norra, but they were hit even harder after hearing the news that Luke Skywalker had died.[2]

They agreed to accompany Snap and Kun back to the Resistance's temporary base on Ryloth to assist the fledgling organization. However, the arrival of Temmin and Karé in X-wings had been reported to the First Order's officers present on the planet by Tukalda, a neighbor who Norra had previously antagonised. They were forced to fight their way off the farm.[2]

On Ryloth, they were assigned a mission to go to Corellia and recover a prisoner of the First Order and former New Republic senator, Ransolm Casterfo. Accompanied by Snap, Karé and ex-Imperial Teza Nasz, they succeeded in their objective, liberating Casterfo and several other prisoners. Norra was angered when she discovered that Winshur Bratt, a First Order Executive Records Officer, had brutally beaten one of his underlings, the fifteen-year-old Yama Dex, and recruited her to the Resistance's cause.[2]

The team and the prisoners made their way back to a hangar to find a ship to escape in, but where ambushed by stormtroopers. Fortunately, a team led by Poe Dameron (who had had their own, separate mission on Corellia) arrived and rescued them, and they escaped in a CR90 corvette.[2]

After regrouping with the Resistance, Norra and Wedge told Temmin that they would not be staying with the Resistance. They had decided to travel throughout the galaxy, spreading the Resistance's call to arms. After a heartfelt goodbye between the three, Norra and Wedge departed.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Norra Wexley XW2

Norra Wexley flew as Gold Nine during the Battle of Endor.

Norra Wexley was a human woman with silver hair. She was a loving wife and mother to her husband Brentin and son Temmin. She and Brentin were sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance with her husband carrying messages for the Rebellion before it had even broken out. Norra was greatly distressed when the Empire arrested her husband and developed a hatred for the Empire as a result. Her love for Brentin led her to leave her son Temmin in the care of her aunt Esmelle and to travel offworld to find her husband. In the process, Norra was caught up in the Galactic Civil War and joined the Rebel Alliance.[1]

Norra characterized her decision to join the Rebel Alliance as one "made less in her head and more in her gut." She rationalized this decision by regarding her fears, worries, and emotions as anchors that held her to an old way of thinking. While Norra felt guilty about leaving her son behind to join the Rebellion, she justified it by telling herself that she was playing a role in fighting the Galactic Empire. Despite her involvement in the Rebellion, Norra never forgot about her son and husband and vowed to reunite with her family. Norra was a strong and headstrong woman, a trait that was inherited by her son Temmin.[1]

While a strong believer in the rebel cause, Norra was troubled by the guilt of not fulfilling her duties as a parent to Temmin. Norra understood her son's anger and bitterness towards her for leaving him on Akiva to find Brentin. Following the Battle of Endor, she returned to Akiva to take her son offworld. After returning, she discovered that Temmin had become an independent businessman specializing in junk dealing. As a mother, Norra was concerned by her son's dangerous dealings with criminal elements. After Temmin rebuffed her attempts on two occasions to leave Akiva, mother and son were able to reconcile after the two join forces to fight the Empire on Akiva and rescue Captain Wedge Antilles.[1]

Though Norra was initially skeptical that Temmin's modified battle droid Mister Bones could be his friend, she gained a more sympathetic appraisal of the droid after Bones assisted her rebel cell and expressed affection for her after Norra survived a near-death encounter. Following the Battle of Akiva, Norra and her son undertook a "family project" to repair Bones as a gesture of reconciliation. Norra was brave, adventurous, and reckless. On two occasions, she risked her own life by piloting a TIE fighter to attack the Empire.[1]

Later, Norra became the leader of a team of hunters that included her son Temmin and Mister Bones. She was a strong and effective leader who cared for the well-being of her crew. Norra was incensed when a team member Jas Emari pretended to betray the rest in order to pay off her debts. She wanted her team members to trust her. Norra also had a great deal of respect for Princess Leia and Han Solo for their role in the Rebellion. Her loyalty and respect for them led her to resign her commission in the New Republic Starfleet to rescue Solo.[3]

As a stubborn and strong-willed woman, Norra struggled to carry out orders which she regarded as going against her principles. While she at times had a difficult relationship with her teenage son Temmin, the two still loved and respected each other. Norra's love for her husband would be tested when Brentin, under the manipulation of Fleet Admiral Rax, made an attempt on Chancellor Mothma's life. This incident only fueled her hatred for the Empire particularly Grand Admiral Sloane, whom she wrongfully believed was responsible for the attack on Chandrila. Following the attacks, Norra led her crew on a hunt for the fugitive Grand Admiral.[3]

Norra was willing to risk life and limb to pursue Sloane and contribute to the Empire's defeat. Norra's resolve was tested when she was captured and imprisoned by Imperial forces on Jakku. While Norra was initially uncomfortable with Mister Bones, she gained a better appraisal of the battle droid after Bones rescued her from Imperial captivity. Despite her mutual animosity towards Sloane and her distrust of her estranged husband Brentin, Norra was able to put aside these feelings so that the three of them could work together to defeat Gallius Rax, the true mastermind behind their suffering. Norra was also able to reconcile with Brentin before his death.[7]

As a mother, Norra sought to reconcile with her son Temmin, whom she had left behind on Akiva to join the Rebellion. Despite her hard resolve, Norra was also capable of moments of levity. Once, she joked about Temmin smelling like clean towels when he was a newborn child. When Temmin expressed embarrassment, she jokingly responded that she had a "parental right" to embarrass him from time to time.[7]

Norra was allergic to several different foods, but greatly enjoyed Devaronian cherries.[5]

Skills and abilities[]

Norra Wexley ARC-170 XWM

Norra Wexley piloting an ARC-170 starfighter.

Norra Wexley was a good pilot who could fly various starships including a freighter, a Y-wing,[5] ARC-170 starfighter,[8] and a TIE fighter. She was also a competent mechanic and once assisted her son Temmin in rebuilding his droid Mister Bones. Due to her involvement in the Rebellion, Norra knew how to wield a blaster and could also engage in physical combat.[1] Norra was also able to take considerable damage in a physical fight. She was also a competent sniper and managed to wound Grand Admiral Sloane on one occasion.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Norra Wexley first appeared in Chuck Wendig's 2015 novel Aftermath, which was released as part of the multimedia project Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.[1]



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