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During the rebellion on Akiva, the New Republic starfighter pilot Norra Wexley formed a team to inspire a popular uprising against Imperial rule on Akiva. Her team consisted of her teenage son Temmin Wexley, the B1-series battle droid Mister Bones, the Zabrak bounty hunter Jas Emari, the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, and the New Republic Special Forces soldier Jom Barell. The team hunted several Imperial war criminals before aiding Han Solo's efforts to liberate rebel prisoners and the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. After that, Norra's team split up before regrouping following the Liberation Day attack on Chandrila to hunt down Grand Admiral Rae Sloane. Despite being separated, Norra and her team would all contribute to the New Republic's victory in the Galactic Civil War when Norra and her husband Brentin Lore Wexley helped Sloane to hunt down Counselor to the Empire Gallius Rax.


Following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic starfighter pilot Norra Wexley formed a team to liberate the planet Akiva from Imperial rule. This team initially consisted of Norra, her teenage son Temmin Wexley, the B1-series battle droid Mister Bones, the Zabrak bounty hunter Jas Emari, and the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus. Following the rebellion on Akiva, they were joined by the New Republic Special Forces soldier Sergeant Jom Barell. Her team became Imperial hunters who hunted for Imperial war criminals.[1]

During the last months of the Galactic Civil War, Norra and her team captured several Imperial fugitives including Commandant Stradd, Prefect Kosh, Moffs Keong and Nyall, Vice General Adambo, the former Imperial Security Bureau minister Venn Eowelt, and Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde. At the request of Princess Leia Organa, they took part in a quest to find Leia's husband Han Solo. After reuniting with Han, they liberated Chewbacca and several rebel prisoners at Ashmead's Lock prison on Kashyyyk. While Norra, Temmin, and Bones returned to Chandrila with the prisoners including Norra's husband Brentin Lore Wexley, Jas, Sinjir, and Jom stayed behind on Kashyyyk to liberate the Wookiees from Imperial rule. Norra, Temmin, and Bones were later caught up in Gallius Rax's attack on the New Republic capital of Chandrila.[2]

Norra and her team with the exception of Jom later spent several months hunting for Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, who was widely believed to have instigated the attack on Chandrila. After capturing the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift, Norra's team learned that Sloane had traveled to the Inner Rim world of Jakku. Norra, Jas, and Mister Bones infiltrated Imperial-occupied Jakku to continue their hunt for Sloane while Temmin and Sinjir returned to Chandrila to warn the New Republic. Norra subsequently joined forces with Sloane and Brentin to stop Rax from detonating Jakku and the Imperial and New Republic forces during the Battle of Jakku.[3]

Temmin flew with Phantom Squadron during the Battle of Jakku. Mister Bones perished during the battle while trying to protect Temmin. Jas was captured by Mercurial Swift but convinced his crew Dengar, Embo, and Jeeta to change sides in return for receiving full pardons and money from the New Republic. Despite being expelled from the New Republic military, Jom managed to take part in the New Republic assault on Jakku and perished while protecting his U-wing gunship from a missile attack. Meanwhile, Sinjir foiled an assassination attempt by Tolwar Wartol on Chancellor Mon Mothma and became her adviser. He took part in the peace negotiations with Grand Vizier Mas Amedda which led to the Galactic Concordance that ended the Galactic Civil War.[3]

Following the Battle of Jakku, Norra and her surviving team members reunited at a pub on Chandrila before embarking on their new careers. Norra became an instructor at the New Republic's new flight academy on Hosnian Prime while Temmin became a student there. Jas continued leading her bounty hunter crew while Sinjir resumed his work as an adviser to Chancellor Mothma.[3]



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