"He has no interest in becoming anything other than the biggest bully in a run-down section of a single building on an average planet in a big galaxy. He'll never go anywhere, because his dreams are small."
Zekk, speaking of Norys[src]

Norys was a Human male who served as a TIE pilot with the Second Imperium as of 23 ABY.


Prior to joining the Second Imperium, he had led a street gang known as the Lost Ones, which lurked within the dangerous lower levels of Coruscant.

When Norys learned of a young man named Zekk, who knew Coruscant's undercity like the back of his hand, Norys extended an invitation to Zekk to join the gang. Norys believed that Zekk could be useful as his right-hand man, but Zekk rejected the proposal because he did not want to be associated with a bully like Norys. Norys had a mixed reaction to the perceived slight. On one hand, he did not mind it if Zekk was maimed or killed by one of the members of his gang. On the other hand, he kept his invitation open.

On another occasion, Zekk led four other youths into the hideout of the Lost Ones. Zekk then began to denounce Norys's character. At this, Norys and his gang came down through the ceiling to surround the group of interlopers, of which four were Jedi trainees. Zekk then had the temerity to castigate Norys for eavesdropping in on his conversation with his friends. Norys then noticed that Zekk had a hawk-bat egg with him and told him to hand it over.

Zekk did not wait for Norys to spell out the consequences of noncompliance and ran, leaving his "friends" behind. The Lost Ones gave chase, but were unsuccessful. Norys developed and held a grudge against Zekk and Jacen Solo because of this and other incidents.

Some time later, he joined the Second Imperium when Zekk came back to Coruscant to encourage the Lost Ones to fill the Second Imperium's ranks. It is likely that Tamith Kai used the Force to compel Norys and the Lost Ones to listen to him, given the past between Zekk and himself.

During the Imperium's assault on the Jedi Praxeum, he encountered Jacen and Peckhum during an aerial dogfight. However, their transport Lightning Rod managed to evade Norys and his fellow TIE fighters. Later, Qorl shot down Norys to save the Lightning Rod after Norys disobeyed his orders, having being blinded by revenge.

Personality and traitsEdit

Due to his harsh background, Norys was a bully, suffered from bad dental hygiene, and enjoyed causing torment and pain to his opponents and others who were not part of his clique.

Despite having vowed to be a good soldier for the Second Imperium, Norys had actually joined because he loved the simple joy of fighting. His attitude created problems with his superior Qorl, who found the young man to be consistently insubordinate and rude.



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