"If you insist on following that hokey religion, there's a guy named Nos'lyn you should meet. He's probably meditating in the Close Combat Training Room."
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Nos'lyn was a male Human Jedi who managed to escape the Great Jedi Purge. As of 1 ABY, he could be found hiding out at the Tansarii Point Station.


"It is time to acquire a weapon unique to those steeped in the Force."

While on the station, Nos'lyn met with young Force-sensitive individuals and asked them to perform some tasks that allowed them to become attuned to the Force. One task in particular required the individuals to calm an angry Car'das guard who was grieving the death of his sister. A young hopeful seeking to follow the light Jedi path skillfully managed to convince the guard that violence would be unnecessary and serve to accomplish nothing but more pain and suffering for all. Upon successful completion of the tasks, Nos'lyn gave the individuals some old Padawan robes and an Auric bracelet. Another youngling that had malicious intentions tried to convince the guard to seek out violent revenge. This individual was reprimanded by Nos'lyn.[2]


He would later contact each Jedi hopeful, once they had undergone some training and discovered a lightsaber crystal, in order to instruct them in the ways of the Living Force. He instructed the individual to head out into the deserts of Tatooine and to meditate at a Force oasis. The place was full of the light side of the Force, so strongly that even the local animals could feel its power. Immediately after the individual had done this, Nos'lyn informed them of a ruined Tusken village, which was full of a nearly-palpable anger. He told them that nobody had ever returned to settle there, and instructed them to go there. As soon as the Jedi hopeful arrived at the village, Nos'lyn spoke to them once more through the Force; he informed them that a deep act of anger took place there years previously, which caused the dark side to twist the animals in the area. He asked the Jedi hopeful to put these animals out of their misery, but not in a spirit of anger. Once the Jedi hopeful performed these tasks, Nos'lyn contacted them once more and informed them that they did well and that he was hopeful that they saw the significance of what the Force can do. Their next task was to travel to Bestine to acquire a gift from Sol Windtide, an old friend of Nos'lyn, that he had left for the hopeful: 5,000 credits and a plasma shield generator.[3]

This was not the last time that Nos'lyn would contact the individual; he did so once more after they had undergone further training and acquired a Jedi artifact. This time, he informed the hopeful that it was time for them to acquire the weapon of a Jedi, their first training lightsaber. The prospective Jedi was ordered to go to a cave on the planet of Naboo in order to find a lightsaber crystal. This cave was infested by Narglatch, but the supplicant managed to make their way through and acquired three crystals from the glowing crystalline structures inside. Unfortunately the individual was informed by Nos'lyn that none of these crystals were for them, and that they should search their feelings to find their own crystal. Once the Jedi hopeful found this crystal, they were contacted once again by Nos'lyn, who told them to keep it safe and hidden as they would need to tune it before it could be used in their lightsaber. He then informed them to return to Bestine and meet with Sol Windtide who would give them their lightsaber.[4]

Sometime afterward, an agent of ISB came to Nos'lyn looking for help. The agent needed a Krayt dragon pearl polished for a prototype asteroid-moving superweapon. Nos'lyn was found in a remote corner of the station, on a lower level, and initially refused to take the job. When the agent pointed the blaster at him, Nos'lyn tried to Force Persuade him, but failed. He ignited his lightsaber preparing to defend himself, but the agent came prepared and found a way to inflict pain to the man. Asking to stop the torture, Nos'lyn agreed to take the job and spend the next couple of days polishing the pearl, while being guarded by the agent. After the job was completed the agent left; since he was more interested in the superweapon than hunting down Jedi, he didn't bother to report about Nos'lyn to his superiors.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Nos'lyn appeared as a non-player character in the 2003 video game Star Wars Galaxies, a massively multiplayer online-role playing game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and published by LucasArts,[1] prior to its closure on December 15, 2011.[6] Nos'lyn was added to the game as part of the "New Player Tutorial", introduced with the release of the "Publish 25", a.k.a. the "New Game Enhancements", on November 15, 2005.[7] His role was to train Jedi-class players.[1]



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