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"Oh, you mean those goldskins? Aren't they the other swoop riders from this afternoon? But what are they doing here?"
Fiolla to Han Solo[src]

The Nothoiins were golden-skinned humanoids, native to the planet Nothoiin in the Ivax Nebula. They possessed innate piloting abilities; a skill especially drawn out in the Cogennan Nothoiin subspecies. Many Nothoiin were involved in criminal activities, both in the Greater Javin, and in the Corporate Sector.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Nothoiin skin was golden and flaky, and gave rise to the nickname "goldskins." As a species, most Nothoiins had an innate piloting ability, although the subspecies known as the Cogennan Nothoiin especially developed this capacity, and were known for their piloting savvy.[1]

Society and cultureEdit

"Although most Nothoiins now speak Basic, our first form of communication is sign language."

The Nothoiins used a sign language known as Notho, developed by hunters on the plains of Nothoiin. When the Galactic Republic began colonizing the Greater Javin around 1000 BBY, the Nothoiins also adopted Galactic Basic Standard, although their native language remained predominant.[1]



A star map of the Javin sector showing the location of Nothoiin.

The Nothoiins traded with the Galactic Republic on and off for centuries (Ur-diamonds being the major export) and this encouraged greater exploration of the region, although this was hindered by the lack of accessible hyperspace routes. This changed when Lord Ecclessis Figg blazed a star lane through the Twin Nebulae. Figg also ensured the Nothoiins profited from the opening up of trade with the Republic.[1]

Around a billion Nothoiins lived on their original homeworld, although the planet never became heavily developed, and was predominantly covered in rolling plains. However, after fifty consecutive years of drought since the Clone Wars, raging fires had become the norm for the planet. Kilometer-wide burn rings surrounded the sparse spaceports to prevent the fires from encroaching. A pall of ash became a virtually constant reality on the planet, and many Nothoiins moved to other colony worlds to escape the destruction.[1]

Nothoiins were commonly found throughout the region on worlds such as Bavva, Kirtarkin, Gerrenthum, Ione, and Polmanar,[1] and were one of the four dominant species in the region.[3] They established a number of colonies in the Greater Javin, which sent representatives to the planet Council, a democratic governmental base for decisions affecting the various colonies. Nothoiins were also commonly found in the Corporate Sector.[1]

Nothoiins in the galaxyEdit

Nothoiins often made use of their piloting abilities by becoming pilots and navigators. However, a large number also became involved in criminal activities.[1] A group of Nothoiin swoop riders tried to attack Han Solo and Fiolla on Bonadan in retaliation for killing the slaver Zlarb. When they evaded them on swoops, the Nothoiins then tried to catch him returning to the Millennium Falcon. However, Solo saw them and left the planet on another ship.[2] The Nothoiin, Covah, was also involved in criminal activities on Tatooine and had to flee the planet to avoid Imperial capture. He hired the Lutrillian Solomahal to transport him offworld, and returned to the Greater Javin to hide.[1]

The Nothoiin Taray served as one of the few non-Human members of the Wing Guard of Cloud City. He was more concerned with upholding the spirit of the law, and sometimes technically broke laws in order to do so. After Cloud City declined under Imperial captain Treece, Taray left to find other work in the Javin.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The first appearance of the Nothoiins was in Han Solo's Revenge (1979); however, they were not named and only referred to as "goldskins". These swoopriders became the basis for the Nothoiin species that was named and described in Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin.[1] Twice in the supplement the name is misspelled as "Notion". Jason Fry has indicated that fellow Galactic Gazetteer: Hoth and the Greater Javin author Craig R. Carey intended for Crisis on Cloud City criminal Helm Iskraker to be of the Nothoiin species.[4]



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