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The NovaSword Space Superiority Fighter was a Subpro Corporation starfighter designed during the Clone Wars.[1]


The NovaSword was a nimble, powerful craft that had many improvements over Z-95 Headhunters. Its fair shield, high speed, great maneuverability and internal hyperdrive allowed it to act as an interceptor, light bomber or a scout. It was operated by a single pilot, but had a second seat, which could be used by a passenger or co-pilot.[1]


Not wanting to be dependent on Incom Corporation, early in the Clone Wars, Subpro set out to build its own multipurpose starfighter, which would become the NovaSword. In spite of the advanced design, Subpro's second-class reputation prevented the Galactic Republic from buying any of the craft, so only relatively low numbers were built. They were sold mostly to mercenaries and bounty hunters. The Confederacy of Independent Systems purchased several dozen NovaSwords for their elite fleet commanders. Durge used one as his personal fighter for most of the Clone Wars.[1]



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