Novatroopers were stormtrooper honor guards, who wore distinctive black and gold reinforced stormtrooper armor.


As stormtrooper honor guards, Novatroopers were assigned to either historically significant locations such as the Sith burial grounds of Korriban, or to guard captured enemy starships, they were also used as specialized troopers on the front-line. More rarely, after specialist training they were also known to perform other roles aboard craft such as Naval stations and Imperial Star Destroyers. Sometimes attached within the Imperial Marines, they would be tasked with duties such as close protection of high ranking personnel. They were also used as commandos on special missions, such as infiltrating enemy bases, Novatroopers were trained better than most Stormtroopers, though their equipment was the same except for their blast plated armor and heavily modified E-11.[2] In addition, being honor guards, they were also present at various official Imperial ceremonies, including the semi-annual awarding of the Medal of Valor and the Emperor's public address to the citizens of Coruscant at the beginning of Fete Week, although they were rarely encountered outside of these events.[1]



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