Novo was a male Human and a member of the Knights of Zakuul. In 3631 BBY he was stationed on Zakuul along his fellow Knight Tanek. The pair confronted Lana Beniko and The Outlander at the climax of their escape from a Skytrooper production factory. Novo escaped after seeing the fight was lost.

Sometime later, Novo and another Knight, Balisk, confronted the Outlander and one of their companions in the Razor, the headquarters of the Lady of Sorrows. Novo blamed the Outlander for what happened to Tanek and wanted revenge.

Behind the scenes[]

Both encounters with Novo happen regardless of player choices. If the Outlander allows Lana to kill Tanek (for dark side points), then Novo seeks revenge for his friend. If the Outlander ordered Lana to spare Tanek (for light side points), then the Knight will be killed by Vaylin for letting them escape, but Novo blames the Outlander anyway. At the end of their second encounter, the Outlander can spare Novo and Balisk for Light Side points or kill them for Dark Side points, mocking the latter that Novo wouldn't even merit an epitaph. If he survives this encounter, Novo will later send the Outlander a message saying that he realizes now that the Outlander isn't the enemy and that he'll try to change the Knights from within.


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