Novoc Vevut, of Clan Vevut, was a Human male Mandalorian soldier who lived on the planet of Mandalore during the time of the Second Galactic Civil War.


Novoc Vevut was the adopted father of Ghes Orade, the child of his neighbors whom he had taken in upon their deaths.[1] Despite knowing each other as long as the boy had lived, Orade hadn't gotten along well with Vevut at first, though the two would eventually grow close.[1] Vevut was also a skilled weaponsmith, building and repairing weapons, and even machining blaster parts from his workshop in the center of Keldabe on Mandalore, which also functioned as his home.[1]

Vevut teaching his son Ghes Orade as a child.

In the year 40 ABY,[2] Vevut was present at a meeting between the current Mand'alor, Boba Fett, and five other Mandalorians in Zerria's Bar on Drall. There, he would take part in a discussion with Fett as to whether or not the Mandalorians would accept Corellian President Thrackan Sal-Solo's offer to defend Centerpoint Station.[2] When Fett returned to Mandalore with his recently-discovered estranged granddaughter Mirta Gev, Vevut allowed Mirta to live with him and Orade at his home, as she and Orade had developed feelings for each other. Enthusiastic of the growing relationship, Vevut would teasingly offer Mirta incentives to marry his son, and she in turn called him buir—or "papa".[1]

Vevut would speak with Fett again outside his shop as he machined parts for a blaster in his yard, and offered the Mand'alor some advise to help the strained relationship between him and his granddaughter, urging Fett to remember that those things took time. He also assured Fett that Orade was a good man when Fett's response to Orade and Mirta's relationship was outwardly coolly neutral, though Fett would agree with him once it had been said. Fett informed Vevut of the recent nonaggression and trade agreement between Mandalore and the Verpine of Roche, and requested his professional opinion and presence when he and the Verpine discussed weapons.[1] Vevut later participated in the Second Battle of Fondor and enthusiastically gave Mirta his blessing to marry Ghes.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Novoc Vevut was a large man who kept his black hair in wooly braids,[1] secured by ornate clips—formed of melted down gold from his kills over the years—that rattled audibly when he moved.[1] He also possessed numerous scars on his face and when asked, jokingly replied that he'd cut himself shaving.[1] A kind and caring man, Vevut took in his neighbor's son after their deaths and raised him as his own, despite some initial tension between the two. He would look out for Orade's interests even after the boy was grown, praising him to Boba Fett and encouraging Mirta Gev, the woman Orade cared for dearly, to marry him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Rejected, uncolored version of Novoc Vevut and Ghes Orade

Novoc Vevut's last name is derived from the Mando'a word "ve'vut", which means "gold".

The images show Vevut and his adopted son, Orade. The first image appeared in Star Wars Insider 86, the second image was an earlier, but rejected version of it, from a different angle. Both images are by Thomas Hodges.



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