"I say we fight!"
"I say the Rebellion is finished!"
Admiral Raddus and Nower Jebel[2]

Nower Jebel was a human male senator who represented the agricultural planet of Uyter[1] in the Imperial Senate in the year 0 BBY.[2] Jebel was secretly the Minister of Finance of the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[1] and was present on Yavin 4 in the Great Temple during the events leading up to the Battle of Scarif.[2] During the High Command meeting,[4] he was one of the Alliance Cabinet members[1] who mistrusted the former criminal Jyn Erso, disbelieved the existence of the Empire's planet killer superweapon—the Death Star—before adding that the rebellion was finished.[2]

In the year 5 ABY, about a year after the Alliance reorganized into the New Republic, Jebel had become a member of the new Galactic Senate and maintained his position as Minister of Finance.[3]

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Senator Nower Jebel, portrayed by Jonathan Aris, is a character created and developed for the 2016 film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[2] Aris' involvement was first revealed and his character's name was first identified on July 27, 2015 through his Spotlight page.[5] Jebel was first pictured in the second trailer for Rogue One.[6]


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