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The Nozho–Weogar War was a massive bio-chemical civil war fought between the Bith city-states of Nozho and Weogar.

It originated from a competition between the cities over patent rights to a new hyperdrive that would be sold to other planets. As a Bith tradition, both cities submitted a patent claim to a neutral arbitrator. When the agent representing the city of Nozho found some unfavorable information on the arbitrator, he blackmailed him to choose Nozho as the preference in the decision. The mayor of Weogar received word of this shady deal; he refused to accept the arbitrator's decision and immediately began production on the hyperdrive unit. As a result, Nozho began production on their product as well.

This rivalry eventually turned into a war of cutting prices and after a full standard year, Nozho unleashed a chemical weapon on Weogar, killing up to 90 percent of the population. Weogar retaliated with their biological weapons, that subsequently destroyed the ecosystem of Clak'dor VII, leaving it a poisonous and mutating wasteland. Bith were now forced to retreat to sealed cities, and rely on imported goods and machinery to keep their society functioning as the Bith industrial capacity was crippled. The aftermath also resulted in a strong pacifistic streak in Bith culture.



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