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"It's a hit!"
―Naytaan during the Battle of Yavin.[src]

Lieutenant Nozzo Naytaan was a male Human starfighter pilot in the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.


"Red Nine standing by."
―Nozzo Naytaan.[src]

Prior to the Battle of Yavin, he led the relief effort of Clak'dor VII in the Mayagil sector. He was famous in Red Squadron for becoming an ace in only two missions. His wingmate was Theron Nett, who piloted Red Ten.[2]

Yavin base briefing room

Naytaan was one of the many pilots that were briefed.

He flew as Red Nine in the Battle of Yavin.[3] He was killed by Black Squadron during the battle.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Naytaan as pictured in the Special Edition Limited is portrayed by actor Jack Klaff. The film's credits actually list Klaff as the character John D, so the CCG creators made an error in naming him Naytaan. The character John D has since been given the last name "Branon". According to Leland Chee, Klaff's character is still considered to be John D. with Naytaan being a different pilot.[4] However it's unknown if he appeared in the briefing.



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