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"Looks like help has arrived."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi upon seeing a Nu-class transport[5]

The Nu-class attack/transport shuttle, also known as the Republic attack shuttle, was a model of shuttle used by the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.[5] It was the predecessor of the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle later used by the Imperial Navy.[3] One transport fell into the hands of the Free Ryloth Movement, and was used during the Mission to Ryloth.[7]


Designed with fold-down wings, it was similar in design to later shuttles like the Theta-class, Lambda-class, and Sentinel-class. Its boarding hatch was at the very front of the shuttle, unlike later variants, which had the cockpit jutting over the hatch. The pilots' chairs lowered into the boarding area for them to enter and exit the cockpit. It also had a magnetic clamp on its ventral side capable of attaching to smaller payloads such as escape pods.[8]

It was primarily used by the Grand Army of the Republic for missions which required them to operate far away from bases and capital ships. Unlike the Republic's LAAT/i gunship, the Nu-class was also equipped with seats for the passengers due to much longer travel times.[9]

Rho-class transport shuttle with cargo bay and dorsal fin, similar to the Nu-class.

The Rho-class transport shuttle[10] was very similar in appearance to the Nu-class, but had a dorsal wing and the capability to attach cargo pods to its underside.[11]

Transports used by the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars had red and yellow markings.[5] In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, Nu-class shuttles were painted in a uniform, grey coloring as the Galactic Republic transitioned into the Galactic Empire.[12]

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