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The Nu-class attack shuttle, also known as the Republic attack shuttle, was a vessel used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


Nu-class attack shuttle

The Nu-class was a faster, long-range supplementary design to the standard LAAT gunship line, and shared similar design characteristics to the NR2 gully jumper of the Great Galactic War. The class had heavier armor and shielding than most atmospheric craft. It was equipped with a hyperdrive, allowing it to operate a long distance away from bases and motherships, which the hyperdriveless LAAT/i simply could not. Nu-class also had seats for the passengers due to it being designed for long distance travel, which the LAAT/i did not have due to being mostly used for atmospheric flights not too far away from a base and quick flights between surface and the mothership.

However, the LAAT/i remained very competitive with the Nu: while the shuttle could only carry 30 Clone troopers, the LAAT/i could carry that and four speeder bikes in addition, though doing so made the LAAT quite cramped. The shuttle also lacked the missile launchers of the LAAT/i and was in general much inferior in a gunship role. Lack of a hyperdrive also made the LAAT/i much cheaper to produce. As a result, it wasn't a complete replacement for the affectionately nicknamed "larty" which was a significantly more common sight in the hangars of Acclamator-class assault ships and Venator-class Star Destroyers.[2]

It was designed with fold-down wings, similar to fighters like the V-19 Torrent and later shuttle designs like the Theta-class and Lambda-class. Its boarding hatch was located at the front of the shuttle, in what could be described as the vessel's "chin". The pilots' chairs would lower them into the boarding area for them to leave the ship, and visa-versa.[8]

It would also appear to have been equipped with some form of tractor beam or magnetic clamp; as used to carry Anakin Skywalker's escape pod after he had crashed the Defender into the command ship of the Separatist blockade over the planet Ryloth.[9]


Republic use[]

The 212th Attack Battalion were known to use these attack shuttles.[10]

Obex docked at Rishi Station

A shuttle of this kind delivered Ahsoka Tano to Christophsis during a heavy battle there.[8] Commander Cody and Captain Rex flew the Nu-class shuttle Obex as a transport while conducting an inspection tour of Republic outposts staffed with rookie troops. When they landed at the listening post on the Rishi moon, their shuttle was destroyed by Confederacy droid commandos.

Another Nu-class shuttle delivered Nahdar Vebb and a small squad of clone troopers to the third moon of Vassek during the mission to recapture Nute Gunray. After stumbling into General Grievous's castle, Jedi Master Kit Fisto ordered the clones to call in for reinforcements using the shuttle's transceiver, but it was destroyed by MagnaGuards.

A Nu-class shuttle was used on a diplomatic mission by Commander CC-5869, his troops, Jar Jar Binks, and Senator Kharrus, who were en route to Florrum to the Weequay pirates' lair with a bounty of spice on board as a ransom for Dooku. While entering Florrum's atmosphere, they were shot down by the pirates. Kharrus died in the crash along with the two pilots. The shuttle was unable to take off again because it was broken in two.

A Nu-class shuttle was used to transport Anakin Skywalker's escape pod after he destroyed the leading ship blockading Ryloth with the Defender.[9]

As the Clone Wars progressed, a larger variant with a massive underslung cargo bay, entered service with the Republic. One such shuttle was captured by the Confederacy on Abafar, and was used to load a Republic Venator-class cruiser with rhydonium to blow up a Republic space station in the Carida system. However, the shuttle was captured by Captain Gregor and D-Squad.[11]

Later use[]

The Nu-class shuttle was later used by the Galactic Empire.[6]

At least one escort shuttle fell into the hands of the Imperial splinter faction known as the "hard-liners" stationed on the planetoid RZ7-6113-23. The shuttle was stolen by the bounty hunter Kir Kanos during his escape from the hard-liners' ship storehouse.[4]


A Nu-class shuttle in landing configuration


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