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"Looks like help has arrived."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi upon seeing a Nu-class transport[src]

The Nu-class transport, also known as the Nu-class attack shuttle or Republic attack shuttle, was a model of shuttle used by the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.[3] It was the predecessor of the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle later used by the Imperial Navy.[2] One transport fell into the hands of the Free Ryloth movement, and was used during the Mission to Ryloth.[5]



Nu-class variant with cargo bay and dorsal fin

Designed with fold-down wings, it was similar in design to later shuttles like the Theta-class, Lambda-class, and Sentinel-class. Its boarding hatch was at the very front of the shuttle, unlike later variants, which had the cockpit jutting over the hatch. The pilots' chairs lowered into the boarding area for them to enter and exit the cockpit. It also had a magnetic clamp that could be used to pick up escape pods.

A variant came into use later in the war that had a large, underslung cargo bay and a stationary dorsal fin, appearing more similar to the Empire's Sentinel-class shuttle than the Lambda-class.

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