Nub Saar was the first floating city built on the gas world of Genarius.[1]

Nub Saar was built quickly under the direction of a Trandoshan named Russok but as it attracted little settling in its first two months, Russok offered rewards to obtain more citizens.[1]

Unfortunately, Nub Saar had not been built to withstand the harsh radiation storms of Genarius. All the original 4,500 settlers got radiation sickness from the first storm to hit the city. Some 2,500 left after that. Seventeen workers of the remaining 2,000 died after the next, half-hour storm hit, after which another thousand workers left. Only the skeletal remains of the city remained after a more potent storm hit the city. Russok and the other thousand workers were presumed dead. The city was operative only for four months since its founding.[1]

However, investigating Jedi Dazen Mok thought Nub Saar may have been destroyed by a manifestation of dark side energies. These powers were thought to have been created by Karae Nalvas, a Dark Jedi who inhabited the planet once. The powers, centered around the Conkesta which was destroyed over time, were returned to Genarius' core. Years later, the dark side was reawakened during the construction of Nub Saar, ending in its total annihilation. Dazen Mok's ideas were met with a strong opposition from the citizens of Cularin and their officials.

The skeleton of Nub Saar was left floating as a testament, and a floating memorial monument was built. Rumors persisted of survivors remaining in the sewers and ventilation systems, and strange events were reported there. Scout shuttles could not find any lifeform, although they recognized that high radiation and the nature of the city metals could disrupt their sensors.[1] Energy harvesters hovered on the ruin to collect the valuable radiation.[2]

In 32 BBY, the Blood Raptors organized a race through the tunnels of Eskaron. The first racer to leave the moon could choose the path for the reminder of the race: Either go through the Cularin system asteroid belt and back, and then to the starting point, Tolea Biqua; or visit the dangerous Nub Saar before returning to Tolea Biqua. Expert Raptor racer Gael Kinner preferred the asteroid belt.[2]



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