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Nuiwit were a lizard-like sentient species from Altor 14. In contrast to Altor 14's other natives, the predatory Avogwi, the Nuiwit were strictly herbivorous. Nuiwit had evolved adaptations to escape predators like the Avogwi, such as bulging eyes which gave them 360 degree vision, and a tail that could be detached if grasped by a predator. (A detached tail could be regrown after about four weeks.) Nuiwit were cold-blooded, limiting their activities to the morning and twilight hours when the temperature was moderate. Nuiwit were generally quadrupedal, but could raise themselves on two legs by supporting themselves with their tail. They stood between 1.3 and 1.5 meters tall on two legs.

A Nuiwit on Ord Mantell

The need to escape predators also drove the development of Nuiwit society, as the need to form close-knit communities to protect themselves from the Avogwi soon led to the development of agriculture and civilization. Having fully functional hands on their forelimbs, unlike the Avogwi, the Nuiwit had developed a fairly high level of technology when their homeworld was discovered by the Rego Mineral Company in 15 BBY, including advanced agronomy, mining, and even primitive droid manufacturing. After trading mineral rights to the Rego Mineral Company, the Nuiwit also found that there was a large market in the rest of the galaxy for locally produced handicrafts.

With more extensive contacts in the outside galaxy and relatively advanced technology, it would be simple for the Nuiwit to conquer or even exterminate the Avogwi. However, the Nuiwit were strictly pacifistic, having a horror of any kind of violence. As a result, they were content to wait until the Avogwi were driven away by the ever-expanding Nuiwit settlements and farms. This pacifism shaped every part of their society, including their politics. Nuiwit were led by co-operating "Councils of Elders" who made decisions by consensus.

A Nuiwit watches two Twi'leks dance in Launch station 2349.

Despite having more contact with outsiders, they were rarer off-world than the Avogwi. The main exceptions were members of small dissident groups who wanted other races to help them deal with the Avogwi. Two Nuiwit played against Han Solo in fan-tan at the Fifteen Moons Casino on Ord Mantell, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. A number also lived on Shador, where they attempted to rob Solo in the town of Mud Station.

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The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook makes mention of the sentient "Altorians," though it is unclear whether the reference is meant to apply to the Nuiwit or the Avogwi.

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