"This is madness! Vengeance is one thing—we all desire that—but now... Now you're interfering with business! That creature was credits... and now he is dead meat."
―Nullada, to Gheeta on the fate of Oph Nar Dinned[src]

Nullada was a hermaphrodite Shell Hutt, a clan of the Hutt species, with a male persona. By 1 BBY, the immense being, who used a repulsorlift cylinder to stay mobile, was one of the elders and leaders of the Shell Hutts on their planetoid base of Circumtore. That year, Oph Nar Dinnid, who had a bounty on his head, traveled to Circumtore for refuge, and a group of bounty hunters led by the infamous Boba Fett followed him. However, although Dinnid was worth money to the Shell Hutts and Nullada, Gheeta, another Shell Hutt, took out his old grudge against Fett by killing Dinnid and sending mercenaries to attack the hunters. In the resulting battle, Gheeta was killed, and the mercenaries all but destroyed, leaving Fett and the surviving hunters victorious. Fett speculated that Nullada would be the one to seize most of Gheeta's estate after the Shell Hutt's death.


"Gheeta... Don't make more of a fool out of yourself than you already have—"
―Nullada, to Gheeta[src]

Nullada was an elder of the Shell Hutts, a clan of the slug-like Hutt species,[1] and was a hermaphrodite,[2] though he had a male personality. Sometime before 1 BBY, Gheeta, another Shell Hutt, was tasked with building a terminal and diplomatic reception area on the Shell Hutts' base of Circumtore, a planetoid[1] in Hutt Space.[3] Gheeta hired the freelance architect Emd Grahvess to build it for the Shell Hutts, though Gheeta planned to kill the man after he finished the job so Gravhess would never top his work on Circumtore. However, Gravhess placed a bounty on his own head, which was collected by the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett, who snatched the man from Gheeta's clutches. Nullada and the other Shell Hutts watched as Gheeta was disgraced by the event, causing him to fall in the ranks of the Shell Hutts.[1]

Later, by 1 BBY, Nullada had grown quite immense in size, so much so that his repulsorlift cylinder, a suit that most of the Shell Hutts wore around their body, dwarfed many of the other Shell Hutts' gear. That year, the Lyunesi Oph Nar Dinnid had a bounty placed on his head because he had offended a liege lord of the Narrant system by sleeping with the liege's alpha concubine, and Dinnid fled to the Circumtore system. The Shell Hutts let him stay on Circumtore, because Dinnid had memory augmentors placed in his brain that were stuffed with top secret information regarding the business dealings and records of the Narrant system, which were profitable for the Shell Hutts. Since the augmentors released secrets slowly over time, Nullada,[1] the leader of the group on Circumtore by now,[4] and the Shell Hutts were keeping him as a long term investment. However, a team of bounty hunters from the Bounty Hunters' Guild soon arrived at the Shell Hutt's door, as they intended to capture Dinnid for the bounty on his head. Led by Boba Fett, the team consisted of D'harhan, Zuckuss, Bossk, and one of the IG-88 assassin droids.[1]

Showdown at Circumtore

The fighting on Circumtore

The bounty hunters were permitted to land on Circumtore, but they had to leave all of their weapons behind, due to the security measures that had been enhanced since Fett took the architect. Nullada and a group of Shell Hutts welcomed the hunters in a large hall in the diplomatic reception area, and the elder Shell Hutt watched as Fett tried to do business with Gheeta over the matter of Dinnid, though the disgraced Shell Hutt soon began to let his grudge over the Gravhess incident show. Although Nullada tried to talk Gheeta out of vengeance, the other Shell Hutt continued on that path, and ripped from the ground a dais over which he had been hovering with his repulsorlifts. Amidst the wreckage of the dais was revealed the body of Dinnid, who Gheeta had had killed earlier; the Shell Hutt had contacted the people in the Narrant system who had placed the bounty on Dinnid's head, and had been paid an amount of money to ensure that the secrets that Dinnid carried never came to light. The killing of Dinnid outraged Nullada, who was furious that Gheeta had both gone behind the rest of the Shell Hutts' backs and cost them the secrets that Dinnid had been carrying.[1]

However, Gheeta continued implementing his plan to kill Fett, and had a group of mercenaries that were stationed around the hall attack Fett and his bounty hunters. However, before they could strike, Fett detonated a bomb that Gravhess had put in the hall when the architect had built it, dazing and stunning most of the occupants of the hall, including Nullada. The explosion tipped over Nullada's repuslorlift cylinder, and also snapped the ropes that kept his fat rolls from covering his features. The bounty hunters engaged the mercenaries after commandeering weapons, leaving the terrified Shell Hutts and Nullada caught in the crossfire. The skirmish soon ended after Fett reactivated the killing potential of D'harhan, a cyborg with a powerful laser cannon for a head; at the sight of D'harhan released, the Shell Hutts in the room retreated inside their armor and had their cylinders' hatches seal over their faces to protect them. The mercenaries were obliterated by the cannon, and Gheeta was killed, though D'harhan also fell. Nullada did not mourn Gheeta's demise, and Fett later speculated that Nullada would be the one that seized most of Gheeta's estate.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Most distressing. This is what happens when someone lets their emotions get in the way of business."

By 1 BBY, Nullada was one of the Shell Hutts' greatest in size, and as such, he dwarfed many others of his clan. Nullada was so large that ropelike lines were the only thing holding the fat rolls on his face from eclipsing his mouth and yellow eyes. He was permitted to grow to his size because of the repulsorlift cylinder that he and the rest of the members of the Shell Hutts each wore. These cylinders encased the entire body of the Shell Hut, save for the head, and had mechanical arms that could be operated by the Shell Hutt's hands inside the cylinder, as well as a hatch that could cover the user's head if need be. Nullada's cylinder was proportional to his size.[1]

Nullada was a member of the Shell Hutts, a clan that was considered as greedy as their other Hutt bretheren. The elder thought that business should be done without letting one's emotions get evolved, and tried to make Gheeta forget the past and deal with Fett without letting revenge come into the way.[1] However, Nullada was unaware of how detailed Gheeta's plot for revenge was until the younger Hutt commenced his plans to kill Fett.[4] Already unamused at Gheeta's quest for vengenace, the elder Shell Hutt was furious when Gheeta killed Dinnid, as it interfered with business. Nullada was also angry that the younger Shell Hutt outstepped his rights, and had negotiated a deal behind the others' backs.[1] Additionally, the giant Hutt was severely angered at the destruction caused to the diplomatic facility during the skirmish.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Nullada first appeared in a lengthy flashback in The Mandalorian Armor, by K. W. Jeter and released in 1998. Nullada was also supplied as a sample name for Hutts in 2003's Ultimate Alien Anthology, and the old Shell Hutt later received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008.



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