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"I wonder what happened to her family."
"Probably dead."
Waxer and Boil, on Numa[src]

A male Rutian Twi'lek was a male Twi'lek inhabitant of the city of Nabat on the planet Ryloth, where he lived with his family during the Clone Wars. He often became concerned about his young daughter, Numa, who constantly explored the shelter tunnels under their home. Fearing that she could get lost inside the tunnels, he forbade Numa from going there alone, although Numa disobeyed his orders. One night in 21 BBY, Numa followed a recon droid inside the tunnels—inadvertently, at the exact moment that the Confederacy of Independent Systems invaded Ryloth. As part of the invasion, the Separatists subjugated Nabat, and Numa's father was killed alongside his wife, leaving their daughter orphaned.


«How was the market, love?»
«The usual. Though Tronda says a storm is coming.»
«Tronda. Always seeing things.»
«Still, would be good to get the shelter cleared.»
―Numa's father and mother[src]

Numa's family

A male Rutian Twi'lek lived in Nabat, a small city on the planet Ryloth, during the waning days of the Galactic Republic. He fell in love with a female Twi'lek,[1] and, around 26 BBY,[2][3] the two had a daughter whom they named Numa.[1] The family also included Nilim Bril, Numa's uncle,[4] and the family was befriended by the female Twi'lek Tronda.[1] Around five years later,[2] while the Clone Wars raged across the galaxy between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Numa's mother took her young daughter to a local market. Meanwhile, Numa's father found his daughter's Tooka doll inside the shelter tunnels under their home, and he deduced that Numa had been playing there without permission.[1]

When Numa and her mother returned, the elder female Twi'lek reported that Tronda had felt a "storm" approaching, and Numa's father comforted his love before turning his attention to Numa. When her father asked how her doll had ended up in the tunnels, Numa explained that the doll had been following a "bright-eye," but her father did not believe her. Reproving Numa for fibbing, Numa's father reminded her that she was not allowed to go down to the tunnels alone, as she could easily get lost there. Later that night, however, the "bright-eye"—which was actually a Confederate recon droid—appeared again in the tunnels, and Numa pursued it there. At the exact moment, the storm Tronda had felt arrived on Ryloth in the form of an invasion launched by the Confederacy, and Nabat sustained serious damage. While Numa survived the attack by taking shelter in the tunnels, many other Twi'leks were captured by the invading Confederate battle droids.[1] Both Numa's father and mother perished during the raid, orphaning the young Twi'lek.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

«Don't fib, Numa. We've told you before we don't want you to play in the shelter tunnels alone. You could get lost.»
―Numa's father[src]

Numa's father cared strongly about his family. Fearing that Numa could get lost inside the shelter tunnels, he did not permit his young daughter to enter them alone. He was not very trusting and did not believe in Tronda's feelings about the approaching "storm" or Numa's explanation about the "bright-eye"; in the latter situation, he believed that his daughter was simply lying. A native to the planet Ryloth, he spoke Twi'leki.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Numa's family was first mentioned in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series episode "Innocents of Ryloth," although her father was not specifically referenced. The father later appeared in The Clone Wars: Curfew, an issue of the online The Clone Wars comic series that led into the episode. While the father's death was not directly mentioned in the comic, Numa's entry in the official Databank and the accompanying online guide for "Innocents of Ryloth" described Numa as an orphan, suggesting that her parents had been killed.



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