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Serv-O-Droid RICs outplay Accutronic B1s.

"Nuna-ball isn't all about seeing a noisy rodent punted 60 meters. Internal research tells us that seeing droids get their heads ripped off is equally popular. Combine that with the glamour of droid-show models and over-sized snacks and you've got a family outing that's hard to beat."
Lysko Buelia[src]

Nuna-ball was a sport popular throughout the galaxy. It was played only by droids, a fact that displeased the Biological Athletes Union.[1]


When angered, a nuna would inflate itself to look bigger. The nuna was then carried in this state by opposing teams toward their opponent's goal.[1] When a game was won, the announcer would shout Nuuunnnnnnaaaaa!.[2]


The game originated on the planet of Naboo, where Gungans would use a live nuna as a ball. The sport gained popularity after the Invasion of Naboo, where droid manufacturing companies used nuna-ball matches between droid teams as product benchmark stress-tests. At first, these matches were only broadcast in Consumer Automata holomags, but by 22 BBY, the games' Sports Signal coverage had been upgraded from HSES6 to HSES4. The Committee Against Non-Sentient Abuse, an organization that protested the mishandling of animals, raised its voice against Nuna-ball matches for their misuse of nunas.[1]

Entire leagues were founded on the basis of this sport, and specialized droid teams could be found among the participants. The sport became the most profitable sport in galactic history, given the low costs involved in fielding and maintaining the droid players, and the Nuna-Ball League was looking to expand from 16 to 32 teams. Lysko Buelia was a NBL commissioner and former holomag mogul who worked to promote the sport around this time, having been active in its organization from the beginning.[1] Another notable personality affiliated with the sport, was the nuna-ball announcer Horassa Hunanga.[2]

Nuna-ball matches were popular enough to even be watched in sports bars on Coruscant.[3] By 1 ABY, the sport was still active, with matches being played in the Rori Stadium on Rori.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

A game of nuna-ball was glimpsed on one of the viewscreens in the Outlander Club, where a team of Otoga-222 maintenance droids were competing against a team of modified RIC-series droids. It is played, generally the same way gridiron football is played, with looser body contact rules.



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