Nunk "No-Neck" Plaarvin was a male Chevin who was a notorious criminal during the Mandalorian Wars. A member of Raff Syndicate, he was a former associate of Marn Hierogryph. In 3963 BBY Hierogryph, under the alias of "Professor Gryphomarn", tried to con him on Metellos 3. Plaarvin, however, had cracked the con and had Jarael and Rohlan captured and prepared for execution. Later that day Marn Hierogryph and his accomplice Zayne Carrick attempted another con—this time in an attempt to save their friends. Disguising Slyssk as a Raff Syndicate representative, they fooled Plaarvin into thinking that the Syndicate knows about him hiding part of his profits from them. After that they send him to a "rendezvous" with Syndicate on the planet Jebble, which, unknown to Plaarvin, was devastated several months ago. Before leaving Metellos 3, Plaarvin had left Cipiter and other Chevs to keep operations running for Syndicate.

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