The Nuon e Safyd sector was an Expansion Region sector that contained the Reidi Artom I and T'surr systems. The former contained the planet Artom, which was named after its discoverer, the scout Reidi Artom, while the latter was the site of the desert world T'surr, which was the homeworld of the sentient species of the same name.


The Nuon e Safyd sector was located in the Slice portion[2] of the Expansion Region. By 0 ABY, it bordered the Circarpous sector and Cyrillian Protectorate Coreward and the Ombakond sector in the trailing direction. Spinward, the Nuon e Safyd formed a four-way border with the Askarian, Hocatar, and Authala sectors, and the southeastern portion of the sector was adjacent to the Indra-su-Mar sector and the Null Zone.[1]


The Nuon e Safyd sector contained the planet T'surr.

The Nuon e Safyd sector contained the Reidi Artom I and T'surr systems.[3] The former contained the planet Artom,[5] and the latter was the site of the cold and windswept high-gravity desert world T'surr, which orbited a weak sun. T'surr was the homeworld of the sentient T'surr species.[4] Although the males were the dominant T'surr gender on their homeworld,[6] the females had the ultimate authority in T'surr homes, making many of the males anxious to leave their home planet for the wider galaxy.[4] While T'surr could already be found off-world by 1032 BBY,[7] the species had no representation in either the Senate of the Galactic Republic or in that of the New Republic due to the perceived nature of the T'surr as aggressive killers.[4]

By 232 BBY,[8] Artom became the first discovery of Reidi Artom, a Republic scout who was dispatched to the Expansion Region to survey any star systems missed by previous explorers.[5] Artom had a penchant for naming systems she discovered after[9] her own name[5] or variations thereof instead of adhering to the galactic standard of naming a system after its star or central planet.[9]

Behind the scenes[]

The Nuon e Safyd sector was introduced in the StarWars.com Online Companion to the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, which was written by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry.[3] In 2012, the sector was illustrated on a map designed by Modi and published in the Online Companion feature "Essential Atlas Extra: Expansion Region."[1]


Notes and references[]

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