"At last! The plans for the Emperor's Retreat! Princess Leia will be glad to see these."
―Nura Tinall[src]

Nura Tinall was a Rebel who operated near Moenia, Naboo.

Ebenn Q3 Baobab once stated that Tinall was a young female poet who had sent him her original poetry, requesting that he would pass it on to his publishers. Baobab refused to do this, and hired a person to return the poetry to its author.

This "poetry" was in fact the plans to the nearby Emperor's Retreat. The plans were delivered to Nura Tinall, who in turn hinted that they would be sent to Leia Organa. It was unknown if the plans were ever delivered to Organa, or if the Rebel Alliance ever made an attack on the Emperor's Retreat.

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Possible depictions of Nura Tinall

A male Sullustan depiction of Nura Tinall, deemed non-canon in Legends continuity

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