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Nuri was an impoverished Clawdite who lived on the Banking planet of Aargau. Being a Changeling, he posed as a Bimm, and charged fees to be a tour guide, then scammed money off his marks while pretending to help them remove it from the bank system. He was able to scam an unfortunate young Boba Fett, costing him about 500,000 credits. Nuri also confronted Boba on Xagobah, turning into an Arrak snake to strangle him, and then a Dinko to spray a foul smell in order to stun Boba before scuttling off as a Fefze beetle, but Boba caught him and got his revenge by paralyzing him at least temporarily with a Xabar fungus.

Nuri had his finger on the pulse of information, knowing the value of it, and paying good money to have it. He frequently visited the Aargau Undercity where spies congregated to sell information. He was a rival of Aurra Sing, causing him to have a deep hatred of her.



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