"You must understand that Father has been under a terrible strain. I have no wish to disobey him, but there are matters where even my father's authority is not absolute."
Rahasia Sandral speaking of Shen Matale's kidnapping[src]

Nurik Sandral was a Human male who moved to Dantooine shortly after Ahlan Matale moved there. The two men owned the largest farms on Dantooine, and soon developed a vicious feud.

Biography[edit | edit source]

At some point in his life, Nurik's wife died, and he raised both his children on his own. He eventually moved his family to Dantooine. There, he met Ahlan Matale and, despite getting along at first, they soon started fighting. Many people, including Vandar Tokare, considered Nurik to be the more sensible of the two.

Nurik's son, Casus, was an amateur archaeologist, and sought to understand the Rakatan ruins on Dantooine, but was slain by kath hounds. When he failed to re-appear, Nurik assumed Ahlan had kidnapped him, and imprisoned Ahlan's son, Shen.

When Revan came to the Sandral estate to inform Nurik of Casus's true fate, Revan met Rahasia, Nurik's daughter. She was in love with Shen, and asked Revan to rescue him. The two young lovers defied their fathers and ran off together to the outside of the estate. The two bitter old men blamed each other until Revan convinced them to let their children live their own lives, leading the two fathers to purchase an estate for Shen and Rahasia and take steps toward ending their long feud.

Terena Adare, the leader of Khoonda during the First Jedi Purge, mentioned that Nurik's family was "removed" from Dantooine at some point around the time of the Sith attack on Dantooine.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"Rahasia, you will not leave with this... this Matale boy!"
"I am father, and you can't stop me!"
―Nurik and Rahasia, seconds before Rahasia runs away[src]

Even if the player tells Nurik of Casus' death, he'll still be convinced Ahlan is responsible for taking him.

If Revan fails to convince Ahlan and Nurik to allow their children to live their own lives, Rahasia runs away with Shen and take up residence in the Jedi Enclave, leaving Nurik enraged.

If the player chooses the dark side option, they can lie to Nurik by telling him that Ahlan killed Casus. Then, in a rage, Nurik kills Shen and in response Ahlan kills Rahasia. Nurik then kills Ahlan and Ahlan's droids kill him, then the droids turn on the player character which results in a battle with the droids. The player has the option to talk to the Jedi Council and they will question him about the incident. The player character can lie to the Council and gain dark side points.

It is also possible to convince Shen to leave Rahasia and return home with his father. If this happens, a heartbroken Rahasia is left in Nurik's care.

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