"You work for the Nuruodo family. That's military and foreign affairs, right?"
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The Nuruodo family, also called House Nuruodo or the Second Ruling Family, was a Chiss kin-group from Naporar, one of the Ruling Families of the Chiss Ascendancy. It was responsible for foreign policy and military affairs, including the command of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force and the phalanxes.


According to a study produced by the University of Sanbra in the last years of the New Republic, the Nuruodo lineage was then one of four Ruling Families within the Chiss oligarchy. The results of this study indicated that they had oversight over military affairs and foreign policy, making them the second most important of the Families, after the Csapla family. It was believed that the majority of contact that outsiders had with the Chiss was with agents from the Nuruodo family.[3]

During the Clone Wars, Sev'eere'nuruodo was Aristocra of the family and met the young Chiss Jedi Nuru Kungurama in a diplomatic mission. Born by the name Kung'urama'nuruodo, Kungurama was a member of the Second Ruling Family himself, but was raised away from Chiss Space at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.[1] As an infant in 33 BBY,[4] Kungurama was placed alone in the escape pod of a Chiss ship with a data cylinder identifying his name. He was found drifting alone by two Jedi[1] whose translator droids misread the data cylinder, thus christening him Nuru Kungurama.[5] He had no memory of his life among the Chiss and would have no contact with his family or any others of their species until his encounter with Sev'eere'nuruodo eleven years later.[1]



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