Nus Whales were creatures native to Dorumaa. When food was plentiful, a Nus Whale could grow up to twenty meters in a single year. As of 31 BBY, there was one herd of Nus Whales swimming Dorumaa's oceans, consisting of twelve cows and ten bulls. The bulls were at least 100 meters long, large enough to swallow a fishing boat in a single gulp, and the cows were 80 to 90 meters long. Despite being called whales, Nus Whales reproduced by laying eggs, which would be buried in the deep ocean and took several years to hatch.[1]

Nus Whale could easily eat a fishing boat such as the Icon. Nevertheless, some fisherbeings, such as Icon captain Drac Gerrat, dreamed of hunting (or fishing) one Nus Whale to polish its bones and sell them as good luck charms.[1]



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