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LaRone: "Any of this sounding familiar?"
Brightwater: "Not to me."
Grave: "Me, neither. I would have said near-human until he mentioned the eyes. Now I'm not so sure."
Brightwater: "Of course, if he's from the Unknown Regions, it's not unreasonable that we've never run into his species before."
Daric LaRone, Korlo Brightwater and Taxtro Grave after hearing Vaantaar's description of Nuso Esva's people[src]

This species from the Unknown Regions was active from shortly after the Battle of Yavin until Grand Admiral Thrawn defeated their Warlord Nuso Esva in 8 ABY. Esva's followers called themselves the Chosen.

Biology and appearance[]

Vaantar: "He is constructed similarly to you, but with his covering surface smooth and soft and shimmering like a rainbow."
Grave: "His covering? You mean his skin?"
Vaantar: "His skin, yes. His head covering is arranged similarly to yours, but the tendrils are much longer and pure black. His eyes are… I don't know the word. They are bright yellow, and give off many small reflections."
Brightwater: "Multifaceted, like an insect's?"
―Vaantaar describing Nuso Esva's people to Taxtro Grave and Korlo Brightwater[src]

The species were roughly humanoid in shape, but they had multicolored, shimmering skin and yellow, multifaceted eyes. They had black hair.


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