"You read the reports, LaRone—you saw how Nuso Esva operates. Kidnapping children, suborning Imperial officers, threatening to slag entire planets. The guy has to be stopped."
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Nuso Esva was an alien warlord who, by 0 ABY, had become a major power in the Unknown Regions. Possessing a very strong navy, he conquered many slave and tributary worlds, establishing a domain that stretched into Wild Space and to the very edge of Imperial space. Posing once as Imperial official Lord Odo, Esva clashed multiple times with Chiss Imperial officer Thrawn. In these engagements, Esva displayed a level of tactical brilliance rivaling Thrawn's own.

By 8 ABY, four years after the Battle of Endor, Esva had stationed himself and a large portion of his forces on a backwater world, using the planet's resources to further both his territorial expansion and his war against Thrawn. The Chiss managed to figure out where Esva was, and their war against each other culminated in a battle that saw Esva's death.

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In a September 28, 2011, Facebook chat, Timothy Zahn confirmed that Nuso Esva's name is a coded version of Moriarty, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. If each consonant of "Nuso Esva" is replaced with the consonant before it in the Latin alphabet and each vowel is replaced with the preceding vowel in the Latin alphabet (counting y), "Nuso Esva" becomes "Moriarty."[1]



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