The Nyemari Royal Palace was the Palace for the Nyemarian royalty. It was located in the Nyemari capital city, Anem. The Royal Palace was wired for silent alarms and had a contingent of guards. The palace had three wings laid out on the cardinal points and also had a large shoe closet, with a Dramassian shimmersilk door. In 1 ABY, a team of Rebel Alliance operatives infiltrated the Royal Palace to steal access codes from the ruling Duchess. The codes were for the Nyemari Imperial Military Installation. When they tripped the silent alarm, two of the Rebels hid in the shoe closet while a third acquired an airspeeder in which to escape. The airspeeder burst into the closet to pick up the hidden Rebels; together, they escaped the Royal guards by fleeing through Anem.


The Nyemari Royal Palace was a building in the Nyemari capital city of Anem. It had north, west, and south wings. The Palace also hosted a closet for shoes; the walls were made of plaster and had a curtain of Dramassian shimmersilk as the doorway. There was also a giant transparisteel window in the closet. The walls were covered wtih antique wallpaper, and clari-crystalline vases and dozens of shoeboxes were in the closet. The closet was two stories above the ground. The Palace as a whole was equipped with silent alarms and watched over by Nyemarian guards, some of which were equipped with 74-Z speeder bikes.


In 1 ABY, a Duchess inhabited the Palace. In that year, a team of Rebel Alliance operatives infiltrated the Palace to steal the Duchess' access codes to the Nyemari Imperial Military Installation. Their mission was to infiltrate the Palace unseen, steal the codes, and get back out; Leia Organa searched the west wing while her companions Han Solo and Luke Skywalker took the north and south wings. After finding the access codes, Organa tripped the silent alarms when Solo bumped into her. Solo and Skywalker hid in the shoe closet while the Wookiee Chewbacca stood watch, posing as one of the Royal guard. After an hour of waiting, Solo and Skywalker were beginning to get worried that they had not heard from Organa when she burst through the wall of the closet in a stolen black airspeeder.

She sprayed blaster fire from the laser cannons into the closet, causing chaos and scattering the guards. Solo, Skywalker, and Chewbacca jumped aboard while Organa broke through the transparisteel window out into Anem. The Royal guards gave chase on their speeder bikes, but Organa was able to outmaneuver them and escape to the South Anem Spaceport where the Rebels had hid their vessel, the Millennium Falcon.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Royal Palace serves as a setting early in Alex Wheeler's 2010 book Rebel Force: Uprising.


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