The Nyemarians were a species hailing from the planet Nyemari.

Society and cultureEdit

Nyemarians were led by a Duchess, who inhabited the Nyemari Royal Palace. It was said the spaceport in Anem, the capitol, was the most modern, architectually sophisticated spaceport in the Meridian sector.[1]


During the Galactic War, Nyemarians were fleeing from a global civil war on Nyemari and sought refuge at any planet willing to accept them. However, their own sect vowed to kill all deserters.[2]

In 1 ABY, the Nyemarian's planet was visited by the Heroes of Yavin, on an operation for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. They stole the access codes to the Nyemari Imperial Military Installation from the Duchess' palace. After tripping the silent alarm, the Rebels fled the palace and their pursuers, members of the Royal guard on 74-Z speeder bikes. The Rebels avoided the guards and returned to the South Anem Spaceport where they hid their ship, the Millennium Falcon with the Nyemarian Li Preni. Preni told them they had been pursued, so the Rebels cornered the Glymphid who followed them. The Glymphid played a hologram from Rezi Soresh directing the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker to come to Soresh; the Glymphid then died from a time-delayed poison, and the Rebels left Nyemari.[1]

Nyemarians in the galaxyEdit

Nyemari had an Imperial Military base and a sophisticated spaceport. A Wookiee posing as a Palace guard was not questioned.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Nyemarians were introduced in Alex Wheeler's 2010 book Rebel Force: Uprising. The book does not go into detail about their appearance except to suggest they are Humans or humanoid.


Notes and referencesEdit

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