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Nyrat Agira was a female Human Coruscant clubgoer who was present in the Outlander Club during Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker's hunt for bounty hunter Zam Wesell.[2][3]


Agira in the Outlander Club.

Nyrat Agira was an attractive woman by Human standards, with eyes surgically altered to appear turquoise. She wore her hair in an impractically tall solloops hairstyle, and her soluble zoosha fabric clothing revealed a tattoo marking her as a member of the Zealots of Psusan.[1]

On the night of the Jedi's apprehension of Wesell, Nyrat was socializing with fellow Outlander patrons Immi Danoo and Rosha Vess, and was on the prowl for potential converts to the Zealots.[3][4] She was approached by a different bounty hunter by the name of Kalyn Farnmir. Farnmir's partner, Cian Shee, had sold Farnmir out to the corrupt High Priest of the Zealots of Psusan, Scri Oscuro. Upon seeing Agira's tattoo, Farnmir intimidated and interrogated the young woman, who confirmed that Oscuro was on Coruscant and had met with Shee.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

In The Official Star Wars Fact File and Star Wars: Complete Locations, her name is mistakenly listed as Agira Nyrat.[4] The actress playing her, in costume, introduced the seventh episode of the Episode II behind-the-scenes video series on location.[6]



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