"What if I came across some nice folk who's only fault was that the Force dumped midi-chlorians in their system? How would you feel about them?"
―Nyreen Vollen to Kal Skirata broaching the subject of bringing fugitive Jedi to Mandalore.[src]

Nyreen Vollen, known as Ny for short, was a freighter pilot who assisted Kal Skirata and his adopted clan near the end of the Clone Wars. A staunch supporter of Kal's belief that clone soldiers deserved a full life, free from the encumbrances placed upon them by the Grand Army of the Republic, Ny helped transport deserters from the GAR to Mandalore, connecting them to Kal and his family.

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"It's an occupational hazard if you haul freight. You find stowaways and illegals in your hold, and you hear their stories, and sometimes you don't feel right dumping them out the air lock, and pretty soon you start trying to do the decent thing in a nasty galaxy."
―Nyreen Vollen to Kal Skirata, on finding fugitive Jedi.[src]

Little is known about Ny Vollen's life. It is known she married Terin, but her husband later disappeared, and sometime in her career as a freight hauler she met Null ARC Trooper A'den. After Sull was captured by Darman and Atin and brought back to their camp on Gaftikar, A'den tasked her with moving Sull offworld.[1] He later introduced Ny to his family when they were looking for a means to investigate Kuat Drive Yards. She agreed to help them in their investigation in exchange for help in discovering her husband's fate. A'den did find out what had become of her husband, and she was happy to have the closure.[2]

At the culmination of the Clone Wars, Nyreen became involved in transporting refugees to Mandalore, connecting them with Kal Skirata. She delivered Etain Tur-Mukan's body home, as well as Yayax Squad, Levet and brought two Jedi who needed refuge. One of the Jedi was Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy, also known as "Scout". The other was of particular interest to Kal: Kina Ha, a Kaminoan Jedi, who was genetically engineered to have a dramatically increased lifespan. Unbeknownst to Ny, Kal planned to use Kina Ha's DNA in his search for a cure for the clones' rapid aging; she was known to have genuinely loved the Strill Lord Mirdalan, happily allowing it to slobber all over her and lie in her lap. Against her knowledge, the Jedi underground listed her as a sympathizer, most likely knowing that she had helped return Etain to Mandalore. She also took the Nulls to Coruscant with her on the mission to retrieve Darman and Niner Skirata, and scolded them for disliking the Spaarti grown clones, saying they were all brothers.

Because of Ny's work at the close of the Clone Wars, many clones would find a second chance for life on Mandalore, and a few Jedi were transported to safer parts of the galaxy.

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