"Who are you? What is this ship? I've never seen anything like it."
"I am designated O-66. This ship is the Scimitar. And there is nothing else like it anywhere in the galaxy."
―Chanath Cha and O-66[src]

O-66 was a pilot droid who served on the Scimitar, a Star Courier owned by Darth Sidious.


Hunting the Imperialis[]

"Let's go find ourselves a ship."
―Chanath Cha, to O-66[src]

O-66 served as a caretaker and pilot to the Scimitar,[1] a modified Star Courier[2] owned by Darth Sidious, the Galactic Emperor.[1] After Sidious' personal yacht, the Imperialis, was stolen, the bounty hunter Chanath Cha was hired to reclaim the ship, and Sidious lent her the Scimitar. Meeting at Imperial Facility 729-D in the Inner Rim, O-66 introduced Cha to the vessel, and the two began tracking the pleasure craft. Wary of O-66, Cha decapitated the droid prior to leaving the facility.[1]

O-66 pilots the Scimitar away as the Imperialis explodes.

The pair tracked the Imperialis to deep space, and Cha boarded the stolen yacht. In order to convince O-66 to give her the ship's control codes, Cha placed a pulse bomb in the droid's neck, and threatened to remotely detonate it. Persuaded to concede, O-66 transmitted the codes, allowing Cha to deactivate the escape pods and prevent the thief from eluding capture. However, Cha discovered the thief to be Lando Calrissian, a man with whom she was acquainted.[3]

Calrissian explained that the Imperialis was filled with Sith artifacts which were causing his team to turn on each other, and he convinced Cha to activate the yacht's auto-destruct sequence. Cha ordered O-66 to bring the Scimitar in to dock, but the droid's sensors indicated that the yacht was going to self-destruct, and refused. Cha reminded the droid about the bomb placed in its neck, but O-66 had partially reconstructed and revealed that the bomb was already deactivated. Bidding farewell to Cha, O-66 piloted the Scimitar away from the scene, leaving Cha to die.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"Oh, no, Chanath Cha. I did not forget it. I deactivated it ages ago. I couldn't allow damage to the ship, you see. An intelligent person probably wouldn't have told me about that bomb at all."
―O-66 was more sly and cunning than Chanath anticipated[src]

O-66 was programmed to protect and honor the Scimitar.[4] He knew a lot about the ship's operating systems and history. Chanath Cha regarded O-66 as tedious and beheaded the droid.[1] He was programmed to serve Emperor Palpatine and did not like to go against his master's orders.[3] Despite being decapitated, O-66 was still capable of functioning[1] and could even repair himself.[3] O-66 appreciated Chanath's ruthlessness but allowed her to underestimate him. After learning that she had installed a pulse bomb on him, he removed it. O-66 exacted a sort of revenge against Cha when he left her stranded in space after she activated the Imperialis's self-destruct mechanism. Claiming that blowing up the Imperialis would endanger the Scimitar, he took the opportunity to abandon Cha.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

O-66 appeared as a secondary character in the 2015 Marvel Comics arc Star Wars: Lando. He was written by Charles Soule, drawn by Alex Maleev, and colored by Paul Mounts.



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