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The OOM-series battle droid,[5] also known as the OOM-mark, was a mark of the B1-series battle droid.[3] OOM command battle droids, OOM pilot battle droids, and OOM-series security droids were part of the line. They saw use in the Invasion of Naboo.[5] They were also used throughout the Clone Wars.[10] B1-268 was an OOM command battle droid under the command of General Kalani in the Separatist holdout on Agamar during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire.[11]

OOM command battle droids, OOM pilot battle droids, and security battle droids all had a different purpose. This was shown by their markings of a different color.[5]


Behind the scenes[]

The concept of the "OOM-series" was first introduced in Star Wars Legends for the Roleplaying Game, inspired by the designation of commander battle droid OOM-9. The series name was later brought into canon through Star Wars: Build Your Own R2-D2 30.

Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition stated the OOM-series was created before the B1-series.[5] However, 2015's Ultimate Star Wars and 2019's Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition both contain battle droid pages that list the model as B1. Therefore, all information on the page applies to the B1 battle droid, but the section also mentions the security, pilot, and command droids[1][21] that The Complete Visual Dictionary treated as predecessors.[5] Additionally, both versions of Ultimate Star Wars state that OOM-9 is an OOM command battle droid and a B1.[1][21] Another 2019 reference book, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, New Edition, similarly included a battle droid page that listed the droid type as a B1, but it also included information on pilot battle droids.[22] Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars: Droidography both also state B1s served as pilot droids.[15][23] The battle droid Databank entry on StarWars.com does not mention a difference in model despite including information involving B1s[7][24] and OOMs.[25] Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary later established that the OOM-series was a mark of the B1 line.[3] Given that most sources establish that the OOM-series were a part of the B1-series, this article assumes Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition is incorrect.

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