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The OOM-series battle droid was an advanced version of the B1-Series battle droid.[1] While physically identical to the standard infantry model, the OOM-series possessed a more powerful processor and expanded programming that allowed it to act in specialist roles.[1]

Job functions[]

OOM droids could be programmed for a number of functions, each with a matching color painted on its body:


The OOM-series were already a common sight in the galaxy before the Invasion of Naboo, serving as security and crew for the Trade Defense Force.

They later served in the Clone Wars, being deployed in campaigns such as the Battle of Tirahnn.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The OOM-series battle droid was first identified in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, as an advanced version of the standard trooper model,[1] following the designation of commanders OOM-9 and OOM-14 from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, respectively.

Originally, reference materials described all battle droids as being based on the same model, with ranks and functions determined by specialized programming and physically identified by color highlights.[3] Later, security and pilot droids were described as having the same processor as the OOM commander,[1] then identified as OOM-series droids themselves.[4] All droids, including standard infantry, have also been described with the B1 designation, created around the release of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[5]

However, The Clone Wars Campaign Guide describes B1-series and OOM-series as being separate from one another, and remains the only source to treat them as such.[4] In addition, it describes B1 droids largely replacing OOM droids by the time of the Clone Wars, due to the failure of the Naboo Invasion.[4] It is possible that OOM droids are being confused with those droids used at Naboo, and B1 droids with those used at Geonosis. Later sources ignore this distinction, for example, Galaxy at War uses the OOM-series designation to describe the commander version only, in its entry for the T-Series tactical droid.[2] This article therefore reflects the position of the majority of sources, both earlier and later, in that OOM droids are indeed a subdivision of B1 droids.

The conflation of the "B1" designation with standard infantry droids, and their being a successor model to the OOM, was carried over to the 2014 canon reboot.[6]

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