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"Don't bother with them! Keep the ship in orbit!"
General Grievous to OOM pilot battle droids during the Battle of Coruscant[5]

The OOM pilot battle droid was an OOM-series battle droid used in the Trade Federation Droid Army and, later, the Separatist Droid Army for the purpose of piloting vehicles of various kinds.


Two pilot battle droids working in the hangar of a Trade Federation Droid Control Ship.

The OOM pilot battle droids had advanced programming to pilot vehicles and vessels. In order to accommodate their piloting and engineering tasks, these droids had advanced specialization programming that allowed them to easily understand the control systems of any vehicle. They also carried supplies such as emergency tools and ammunition dispensers.[6]

Baktoid Armor Workshop pilot battle droids were distinguished from tan-plated infantry battle droids by the blue markings on their torsos. They stood 1.91 meters tall, and their black sensors were on their cranial unit.[1]

They operated anything from Providence-class carrier/destroyers[5] and Lucrehulk-class battleships to Armored Assault Tanks and Multi-Troop Transports.[7] Three were part of the crew of the Armored Assault Tanks.[8] OOM pilot droids also piloted atmospheric vehicles such as the Conqueror-class dreadnaught.[9]


Pilot battle droids in a hangar on the planet Geonosis.

OOM pilot droids functioned mostly as the ships' crews of the Trade Federation.[4]

Pilot droids were deployed throughout the Clone Wars, starting from the Battle of Geonosis.[2] The droids played pivotal roles as pilots, saboteurs, and mechanics in tightly contested skirmishes of major battles such as the Battle of Kashyyyk and the Battle of Coruscant. They were also deployed in space battles to man turrets, carry ammunition, and monitor the decks and hangars for breaches and boarding parties. Overall, they weren't part of a separate branch but instead shared by the army and navy.[3] During the Clone Wars, OOM pilot battle droids were part of the crew of Munificent-class star frigates and took orders from organic and OOM droid commanders.[10]


OOM pilot droids were deployed on battlefields and equipped with weaponry to push the assault forward. The pilot droids utilized RD-4 grenade launchers or carried SE-14C blaster pistols. Serving as mainly support units, they often brought with them extra ammunition canisters for fellow allies, along with F-187 fusioncutter for repairs[6] or to cut into enemy-controlled vehicles.[3]

Most pilot droids were, however, used on-board capital ships and cruisers. Some of them were armed with variants of the standard SE-14 blaster, which fires more rapidly and carries greater firepower. During boarding operations against enemy starships, they used TB-47 time bombs to sabotage enemy starships.[3] When not armed, pilot droids executed only the most basic melee attacks.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

OOM pilot battle droids first appeared with the release of the Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace film. The OOM designation originates with the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, first alluded to in the Arms & Equipment Guide. There, it is described as having the same processor as the OOM Commander, as exemplified by OOM-9 in The Phantom Menace, and is first designated "OOM-Series" in The Clone Wars Campaign Guide.

In the Star Wars: Battlefront video game series, they serve as the pilot class for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In the first Battlefront game, pilot droids were incorrectly depicted as having no markings on their bodies, while the blue markings were worn by assault battle droids. This was corrected in the sequel, where the pilot droids had blue markings.

The droids are also the pilots of the AAT Microfighters in the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters tie-ins.


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