OR-Kappa-2722 was a star system used as a staging point for the First Order. It was desolate enough that the scouts that discovered it neglected to give it a name beyond its alpha-numberic designation.


Some time after the Battle of Endor and the splintering of the Resistance from the New Republic, OR-Kappa-2722 was used as a staging ground by elements of the First Order fleet, including a number of their advanced Resurgent-class Star Destroyers. Investigations into missing ships and the death of Rapier Squadron pilot Muran led New Republic ace Poe Dameron to this system. While tracking the freighter that had killed Muran, Dameron entered OR-Kappa-2722 and ended up engaging a force of First Order TIE/sf and TIE/fo space superiority fighters, where he destroyed four ships. It was this event, and the New Republic's inaction despite the death of one of their own, that led to Dameron leaving the fleet of the New Republic and joining the growing Resistance movement headed by Leia Organa.[1]


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