"I used to own a couple of these that I 'liberated' from an Imperial depot out near Obas."
Roark Garnet, on the subject of Elegance message drones[src]

Obas was the second planet in the Obas system of the Expansion Region. It was an extremely warm, volcanic world orbited by a single moon. During the Galactic Civil War, it was the site of a Rebel base. At one point, the base's environmental defenses malfunctioned, causing a group of Rebel operatives to be tasked with retrieving replacement parts.


Obas was the second planet in the Obas system,[3] part of the Expansion Region of the galaxy.[1] A local year consisted of 401 local days, with each day lasting 42 standard hours. Obas was a heavy gravity world, had an extremely warm natural climate, and was orbited by one moon. The planetary terrain was dominated by mountains,[3] volcanoes,[4] and rock-filled plains, and was devoid of surface water.[3]

Politically, the only major galactic power to establish a presence on Obas was the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[3]


During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance operated a base on Obas. At one point, the base's environmental control systems malfunctioned, putting it in danger of melting. To avoid this, a group of Rebel sympathizers were tasked with procuring thirty replacement KL-45 coolant hydro valves from an Imperial supply depot in the nearby Rainos Cluster.[5]

After retrieving the hydro valves, the Rebel operatives returned to Obas.[3] A small Imperial military force, having discovered the Alliance base through a probe droid,[6] attacked the Rebels, but was ultimately defeated.[7]


The Rebel Alliance base—the planet's only settlement—had sixty-two inhabitants.[3]


The only location of note on Obas was the Rebel Alliance's base.[3] It was entirely reliant on environmental defense systems to avoid melting in the planet's extreme heat.[5]

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Obas was first introduced in the West End Games' roleplaying game sourcebook Instant Adventures (1996). The planet was subsequently mentioned in the entry for the Elegance message drone in Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids (1997). Apart from a brief entry of Obas in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (2008), along with a listing of the Obas system in The Essential Atlas (2009) and its Online Companion, the planet of Obas has not appeared in any subsequent Star Wars works.

The adventure "Meltdown," written for Rebel player characters,[5] lists several alternate endings to the Obas conflict. In one outcome, the players can convince the Empire that the the Obas base is abandoned, leaving the Rebels ample time to evacuate. The adventure further suggests that should the Empire be truly convinced that the base is abandoned, it could be used as an information relay base by Alliance High Command. A different outcome leads to a space battle against two Imperial Carrack-class light cruisers, while yet another ending has the player characters facing off a group of Imperial saboteurs in the base. Finally, should the players fail to correctly install the hydro valves, they are forced to quickly evacuate before the base is destroyed.[7]



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