The living quarters of Council of First Knowledge member Obba served him from his appointment to the Council until he stepped down or passed away.


These quarters were assigned to Master Obba upon his appointment to the Council of First Knowledge. Within these chambers, Obba maintained a garden which provided the perfect atmosphere for the Ithorian Jedi Master to meditate on the Force.[1]

In 980 BBY, Master Obba received Princess Serra of Doan, who came to negotiate a deal with the Jedi Order regarding the death of Jedi Knight Medd Tandar, Obba's former Padawan. Accompanied by her bodyguard, Lucia, the Princess was escorted out of the chamber by Obba as they walked around the rooftop gardens of the Temple Ziggurat. Amidst their discussions they agreed that the government of Doan would handle the investigation and that the Jedi Order would not intervene.[1]


Master Obba's quarters were located off of the stairs that wrapped around the central shaft of the Tower of First Knowledge. With a single window looking over Coruscant, the room was filled with plotted plants which lined the walls, window sill, and were hung from the ceiling. The Master kept no furniture in his chamber, just a simple straw sleeping mat and a watering can for tending to his plants.


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