Obi-Wan and Anakin 3 is the third issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: Obi-Wan and Anakin. The issue was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Marco Checchetto, and published on March 23, 2016 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Obi-Wan and Anakin team together to take on a strange new world …but they are brought into even stranger circumstances. Will the duo be able to save themselves and this world they've been called to?

Plot summary[]

Part III
Young Anakin Skywalker is having doubts about his
path. Having joined the peacekeeping Jedi Order as a
boy, he now begins to question his role in the galaxy.

Anakin has accompanied his master, Jedi Knight
Obi-Wan Kenobi, on mission to Carnelian IV in
response to a call for Jedi assistance. Crash-landing,
they discover the ruins of an advanced civilization,
abandoned beneath a sickly cloud cover with primitive
survivors living on mountain peaks above.

A battle between two airships ensues with one
plummeting towards the surface. Obi-Wan manages
to save a pair of women from the downed ship and a
man, Grecker, from the other. With their survival at
stake, the war between the survivors is put aside in
order to rebuild a ship to retreat to safety....

The Skygift[]

Flying above the Celadon Sea, Grecker asks about the location of the distress signal. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi asks Grecker to drop them somewhere near their destination. However, Mother Pran insists on getting them there due to the dangerous conditions on Carnelion IV. Kenobi is pleased that Grecker and Pran have put aside their hostilities.

Just then, Mother Pran spots a box attached to a kite. While Grecker opens the airship's door so that they can retrieve it, Pran tells Kolara to stay back because it is not safe. Kolara explains to Anakin Skywalker that all of their technology is scavenged from the surface or salvaged from other wrecked airships. Grecker manages to retrieve the package, which contains some jewelry.

When Kenobi asks why he has brought something so "dangerous" aboard, Grecker replies there is more than one kind of danger before tossing the box to the surface. When Skywalker asks what Grecker was so worried about, Kolara secretly shows Skywalker a beautiful colorful disc which she wears around her neck. When Skywalker asks why they don't let her have it, she replies because the Open adults says she can't.

Club Kasakar[]

In the flashback scene, a disguised Supreme Chancellor Palpatine tells Skywalker to keep his hood up in order to avoid recognition. Palpatine thanks Skywalker for taking time out from his Jedi training to accompany him to the Coruscant Underworld. Palpatine claims to envy Anakin's Jedi training and lack of distractions.

Palpatine explains that anything can be procured at Club Kasakar including sentient lives. Palpatine apologizes for raising the topic of slavery but Anakin says that he doesn't think bout it anymore. When Skywalker asks why the Galactic Senate does not stamp out the trafficking of slaves, Palpatine points out that the cantina is full of senators.

Palpatine talks about the corrupt Senator Colandrus of the Suntilla system who makes money by trading riches for favors. Besides gambling, he is also open to accepting bribery. Palpatine describes Colandrus as a salve to his impulses and wishes that the chance cubes could turn against him. Palpatine's wish soon comes true and Colandrus loses money in a roll.

Palpatine bursts out laughing, drawing the attention of Senator Colandrus and a humanoid thug. When the thug confronts Palpatine, he counsels Anakin not to fight back. Palpatine claims that his "son" told him a joke and convinces Colandrus and his thug to let him go. After leaving the cantina, Palpatine asks Anakin if his Jedi abilities could be used to move perhaps a chance cube.

Calm before the storm[]

Back in the present, Grecker asks Kenobi if Skywalker is his son. Kenobi explains that Skywalker is his Padawan, something between a student and an apprentice. Grecker is impressed with Skywalker's Force powers. Meanwhile, Skywalker adjusts his lightsaber, which attracts Kolara's attention. Kolara also takes an interest in the Jedi Order's peacekeeping work.

Kenobi tells Grecker that his late Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn asked him to teach Skywalker during his dying moments. Kenobi thinks that Anakin has extraordinary potential as a Jedi but needs guidance. Grecker senses that Kenobi is weary of his duties as a mentor. Meanwhile, Kolara tells Anakin that they could use his mechanical skills to fix "broken things" and tells Mother Pran.

Elsewhere, Kenobi reassures Grecker that Skywalker is asking questions as a normal teenager and believes that he has the answers that Skywalker needs. Kenobi is willing to take responsibility for his own perceived failings. Grecker points out that Skywalker idolizes his master. Meanwhile, Kolara tells Mother Pran about Anakin's mechanical talents.

In private, Kenobi confides with Grecker that Anakin respects him but is unsure of his place in the Jedi Order. Kenobi explains that the Order spends a great deal of time teaching their people how to use their power wisely. He is concerned that Anakin struggles with patience and has considered leaving the Order. Kenobi tells Grecker that he is trying to dissuade Anakin from leaving the Order since it would create more problems in his view.

Anakin manages to repair a droid brain, pleasing Mother Pran. Taking advantage of Anakin, she tells him that he could be their "savior" who would put their planet back on the "right path." Anakin is eager to help. In private, Mother Pran tells Kolara that Anakin is the key to their plan. However, Kolara has doubts about the "next part" but Mother Pran responds that they have no choice and warns her that they have to move quickly.

Kidnapping Skywalker[]

Shortly later, the airship is attacked by a swarm of Fishers, mutated humans trapped in the Celadon Sea, and a Hammer-headed beast. Using ropes, they trap the airship. Mother Pran orders Kolara to put their plan into action. Kolara pleads for Anakin to protect her, which he accepts.

While Kenobi and Grecker fight off the Fishers, Kenobi tells his Padawan to cut the ship's lines. Anakin tells Kolara to stay away from the windows while he approaches a pack of Fishers who have breached an airlock. However, Kolara throws out his lightsaber, distracting Anakin long enough for Pran to knock him unconscious with a wrench.

Mother Pran and Kolara escape with the unconscious Anakin in a glider, Kenobi is too late to stop them. Kolara tries to stop Pran from shooting down the airship but she ignores her younger companion. The airship's gasbag goes up in flames.



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